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A Line in the Sand Board Game

A Line in the Sand is a game I drooled over every time I saw it in old comic book ads in the early ’90s. My problem was, that living in a rural area I had no stores around that carried niche items like this, so I’ve never actually played the game. But I’ve studied it quite a bit since the internet became a thing, and here’s what I’ve learned about it.

A Line in the Sand is a game detailing the Persian Gulf War fought in the early 1990s. Many of the mechanics are similar to that of other TSR wargames like Red Storm Rising, so players of their games should easily be able to jump in and play this one.

Two versions of this game are played. With less than 5 players, the game is pretty basic, where military might is what wins the game. Players take sides, usually a combination of Middle Eastern nations plus the US. In the two-player version, for instance, it’s the US & Allies vs. Iraq; in the three-player game “Holy War”, it’s Israel vs. Iraq (and Yemen and Jordan) vs. Saudi Arabia (and Syria, Libya, and Lebanon), and so on.


We’re Getting a Bob Ross Edition of Monopoly

There’s no shortage of Bob Ross-themed merchandise out there. Fans of the beloved public-television painter can find his face on toasters and t-shirts, Chia Pets and Pez dispensers. 

Well you can add another to the list: Bob Ross-themed Monopoly. 

Hasbro, the company behind the game that’s ruined thousands of Thanksgivings, has announced a new edition dedicated to the late artist.

Now, Bob doesn’t seem like the type of person obsessed with ruthless real-estate annexation—even in board game form. But then again, this isn’t your grandparents’ Monopoly. It’s the “most peaceful edition” of the game ever created, Hasbro says. And it’s decked out with Rossian details. 

Each of the 28 title-deed cards features a work of art from Ross’s PBS show “The Joy of Painting,” while a squirrel, pine tree, and other favorite subjects of the painter make up the tokens. Houses are called “cabins” in this version; hotels are rebranded as “covered bridges.” The game’s Chance cards are replaced with “Happy Little Accidents” cards (naturally). 

Bob Ross, a man whose sedate voice taught a generation of millennials about ASMR, died in 1995, just a year after “The Joy of Painting” went off the air. The early ages of internet memedom turned him into a ubiquitous cult icon shortly thereafter, and today it’s almost impossible to find a Halloween party that doesn’t feature some lazy friend with a permed wig carrying around a cardboard pallet.  

Available for pre-sale now, the Bob Ross edition of Monopoly will be released in stores next month. 

And if Bob Ross themed games is your forte, you should know there is also a Bob Ross Bingo game that is already available.

Fireball Island (1992)

I never actually owned Fireball Island. But man did I ever want to! The commercial does a fabulous job of showing off how cool the game board looks, as well as featuring the elements that really set it apart from other board games.

Seeing the character pieces, the landscape pieces like the bridge, and the action that the game brings with the fireballs rolling down the mountain really made the game feel like more of a toy than a game.

Not too mention the cool theme of the commercial being something akin to watching an Indiana Jones movie. But with kids. And plastic jewels.

There is an updated version of the game called Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul Kar that boasts a larger island, faster marbles, and full re-designed game play. You can check it out here.

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