Hot’n Devilish Chex Snack Mix Recipe from 1988

Here is another old recipe for you to try out at home in the modern age. I looked over the list of ingredients, and everything you need is still on the market today. This twist on the traditional snack mix looks really good, and should fit the Halloween season really well. I’ll be making a batch of this for Halloween night as my snack of choice while enjoying that night’s TV viewing. If you make this, drop a line in the comments with how it turned out.

Nintendo Cereal

In 1988, I was all about Nintendo. It had probably taken over as my favorite toy by that point if you want to consider it a toy. And I was already self-aware of my finer tastes in junk food. So Nintendo cereal coming along was right up my alley. It was made by Ralston, who was the king of producing commercially-licensed cereals in the ’80s and ’90s.

This short-lived cereal featured a split package designed and contained both Super Mario Bros. cereal and Zelda Adventure cereal. The Mario cereal was “fruity” flavored and was made up of super mushrooms, Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and Bowser-shaped pieces. The Zelda side consisted of berry-flavored Links, hearts, keys, boomerangs, and shields.

Given how I love gimmicky junk food, the fact that this mimicked Nerds cereal by featuring two different flavors packaged separately in the same box made it a sure bet that a box of this would end up coming home from the grocery store with us. And since she knew how big of a Nintendo fan I was, my mom didn’t put up a fight when I asked to try it.

I can’t recall the taste or if I was a fan or not, but the fact that it had no marshmallows was not a good start for a kid’s cereal if you want to make it long-term. It hit the market in 1988 and was gone in 1989. While it may not have stuck around long, it made a lasting impression on a lot of people, myself included.

Gold’n Nut Crunch Recipe from 1988

With us starting to get into the heart of the holiday season, you can expect several snack mix recipes from the past to be highlighted here. Back at Halloween, we covered the Hot’n Devilish Chex Snack Mix, and just last week I presented the recipe for Hot Buttered Cheerios. So like I said, get ready for more snack mix-type recipes from now through Christmas. There will be other recipes though, so don’t worry that it’s all going to be savory snacks.

Now, on to this Gold’n Nut Crunch recipe. It seems weird that a savory snack mix would include a sweet component like Golden Grahams cereal, but here we are. I must confess that I’ve never tried this recipe myself, but I know some old souls across the internet who swear that it’s delicious. I plan to give it a try myself in the near future, and since I’m going to make it, I thought I would share it with you as well. If you’ve tried it before, let me know in the comments what you think. Or if you’ve never tried it but are now planning on it like me, let me know how it goes for you.

Hot Buttered Cheerios Recipe from 1985

After all of the sweets that were probably consumed throughout the Halloween season, you may be like me an in the mood for something a little savory. Well, here comes Cheerios to save the day! I tried this Hot Buttered Cheerios recipe last winter and found it to be very, very good. It’s a nice substitute for popcorn, and in my personal opinion pair very well with a Hersey bar.

These are quick and easy, and you should give them a try this fall. Enjoy.

Dino Pebbles Cereal

Recently I talked about some old junk foods that I had missed out on. Well, here’s another one…

Post cereals have made some real winners in their time, and possibly at the top of that list is Fruity Pebbles.  And maybe right behind that is Cocoa Pebbles.  The combination of those little sweetened flakes of rice and the pitchmen duo of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble is a nearly unbeatable combination. 

Fruity Pebbles has been a staple of my complete morning breakfast as far back as I can remember.  Except when I would stay the night at my grandmother’s house.  Oh, she had Fruity Pebbles in the house, but those were just for Stevie.  The rest of us kids couldn’t eat those.  We had to eat oatmeal those mornings while watching Stevie enjoy a big bowl of that multi-colored goodness.  To which sometimes he would pour Mountain Dew over instead of the traditional milk.  That kid was something else.

But anyway, these Dino Pebbles came out in 1990 and turned the breakfast game on its head.  Now there have been variations on the classic Fruity Pebbles theme in the past like when they change the colors to all red and green at Christmas.  But this was a huge departure from the norm.  The flakes were all one color and with a vanilla flavor instead of the multitude of fruit flavors.  Then, they went and added multi-colored marshmallows to it!  Think about that for just a second.  They added marshmallows to Pebbles cereal.  That’s a nearly unbeatable combination. 

Unfortunately, these Dino Pebbles didn’t stand the test of time.  However, the box art is still strikingly gorgeous and makes my mouth water just looking at it.  Man, I wish someone would hurry up and invent time travel so we could go back and have all these cool cereals again.  I know one of you out there reading this is smart.  Get started on that asap, please.