Wax Pack Flashback Ep. 09 – Comic’s Future Stars from 1993

In this episode of Wax Pack Flashback, I open up a pack of Comic’s Future Stars cards from 1993.  I was huge into comic books in the ’90s, and I thought this pack would be filled with profile shots or people like Todd McFarlane, Rob Leifeld, and Jim Lee.  I guess I should have realized the fact that those guys were already superstars and wouldn’t be featured.  Instead, these cards feature artwork from little know creators at the time.  But just in this pack, I was a couple of artists who went on to bigger and better things.  It was certainly fun going through these cards, even if it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting.

Wax Pack Flashback: Santa Around the World Cards from 1993

Here is the latest episode of the Wax Pack Flashback show I do for The Retro Network on YouTube.  It’s episode 7 in the series, and a special Christmas themed edition.  In this one, I open up a pack of Santa Around the World trading cards from 1993.  If you like the show, consider hitting the “Like” button on it, and subscribing to the TRN YouTube channel while you’re there.  And hey, if you’re feeling really helpful, give it a share on your social media channels.  It never hurts to spread the fun!

Wax Pack Flashback: Pro Set Football Cards From 1990

Check out the latest video in my Wax Pack Flashback series presented by The Retro Network.  In this episode, I open a pack of Pro Set Football cards from 1990.

I used to love football cards back in the day, and this pack really took me back.  You’ll see in the video, that the last card in this pack was one of my favorites from the whole set, and I was super lucky to find another one again all these years later.

Some Retro Comic Book Ads

Flipping through the pages of old comic books is kinda like opening a time capsule. They are usually full of ads that feature pop culture icons, products that are fondly remembered, and some that jar no memory what so ever in our brains. Being a big fan of retro advertising in all forms, I am especially fond of slowly browsing the pages of comic books looking for those ads that make light bulbs goes off overhead.  I was going through an old comic the other day and came across a few like that and thought I’d share them.

All of the ads in this article are from the comic book, X-Men 2099 #2, cover dated November 1993, from Marvel Comics. I picked this issue up from a quarter bin at a comic book convention recently.

X-Men 2099
While I never read a single issue of X-Men 2099, I was a fringe fan of the 2099 concept from Marvel Comics. I really enjoyed the Doom 2099 series and thought the Spider-Man 2099 series was pretty good as well. I was just never a big fan of the X-Men comic books in general. I thought the mid-90’s cartoon was good and really well done though.
Kid's Choice Oatmeal

Quaker Oatmeal Kid’s Choice

The first ad I came across, was inside the front cover and is for Quaker Instant Oatmeal Kid’s Choice. It looks like it’s a variety pack that features four different flavors, that would hopefully please even the pickiest of us kids/pre-teens/teens or whatever you were in 1993.

I was always a big fan of Quaker Maple Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal, but I don’t really remember this Kid’s Choice pack. It appears to be mostly just a variety pack that had been re-branded to appeal to a younger generation instead of the adults. A quick watch of a commercial for this oatmeal has enlightened me to the fact that at some point there was a “CinnaMagic’ flavor included that would change color instantly when water was added. I’m guessing that flavor came after the Cinnamon Graham Cookie that is featured on the box in this ad.

Above and beyond the totally ’90s packaging, check out the clothing on the models in this picture. You have the preppy kid up top in his khakis and sneakers, the cool street kid rocking the backward hat, sweatshirt and sweat pants, and the best touch of all….the striped athletic socks with the sweat pants tucked into them! On the side, it appears we have another Zack Morris wannabe, and with a ‘Daddy’s little angel’ on the floor next to him. And the best is on the other side of the box. Corporate America’s vision of what a 13-year-old hippy chick would dress like.

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Remembering Micro Machines

The 80’s probably spawned more cool toys than all other decades combined.  There were heavy hitters like G.I. Joe, Transformers, and Mask that everyone remembers, but then there are those toys that were totally awesome but don’t get mentioned nearly as much.  One of those was Micro Machines.


micro machines


Micro Machines debuted from Galoob Toys in 1986 and hung around through the late ’90s.  Their claim to fame was the fact that they were 1/4 scale of Hot Wheels, and kids loved their extra small size.  Micro Machines came in a wide variety of vehicles that included cars, trucks, emergency vehicles, construction, planes, boats, There were also vehicles based on licensed properties such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Power Rangers, GI Joe, James Bond, and Indiana Jones.  For 3 – 4 years, they were the largest selling toy car line in the country, with dollar sales that exceeded the combined sales of Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Majorette!

Hot Wheels, only smaller. That’s not exactly true, but it’s what I thought when I first saw Micro Machines. A friend of mine brought some to school, and I thought they were so cool, if for nothing else, that they were a lot easier to smuggle out of the house than actual Hot Wheels. But what I found when I got my first “collection” was that these were fine toys in just about any application.

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Popular Cartoons We All Miss

Popular Cartoons

(The following is a sponsored guest post from the folks over at StickerYou!  Check them out for cool retro themed stickers and vinyl graphics.  You can even create your own!)

Let’s face it, life was much simpler when we were younger. I’m sure we can all remember waking up at the crack of dawn and making our way to the sofa to eat breakfast and watch some classic cartoons. We’ll never have enough time to go over every single show we all loved, but here are some that really pulled on our heartstrings and still fill us with nostalgia to this day.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cowabunga dude! This iconic show was the pinnacle of cartoons for many of us. Not only this, but the Turtles also appeared in multiple other movies and shows, making for some of the best crossovers ever. This show was so popular that there are still series and movies made about them to this day. It’s even rumored that a new show, “Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” will make its debut around September 2018. Hopefully it’s filled with even more pizza!

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