The McDonald’s Superhero Burger of 1995

You know me and junk food. I just can’t seem to get it all out of my system. Such is the case today because I want to talk about an offering from McDonald’s that should still be on the menu. It was a special burger with a special tie-in, and when I’m through describing it, I think you’ll want it back as well.

McDonald’s has released more than its fair share of various hamburgers and sandwiches through the years. Some have been big hits, and others have been colossal flops. And while different ones like the McD.L.T. have been discussed at length through the years, the Superhero burger rarely gets mentioned. Let’s change that.

Historically, the Big Mac has always been the largest burger on McDonald’s menu.  But for one glorious month in 1995, it played second fiddle to the Super Hero Burger.  With its 3 (that’s right, 3!) burger patties on a hoagie-length bun, with two different slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo….this sucker was a monster. 

The Super Hero burger had two promotional tie-ins attached to it.  First and foremost, it was available during the release of the movie Batman Forever, and Batman, Robin, Riddler, and Two-Face all figure prominently in the advertising spots for this burger.  Secondly, 1995 was the year that McDonald’s released a different burger every month, known as their “Taste of the Month”, and this was the featured item for one month.  Speaking of the “Taste of the Month” promotion, I’m going to have to dig deeper into that for some future write-up. That was a great year for new products from McDonald’s.

But back to the Superhero burger…I was driving by that point in life, so that meant I spent a fair amount of time “cruising” through town.  Most nights, a stop by the local Mickey D’s was how we ended our night, and for that month that this super burger was on the menu, it was what we ordered.   We probably could have kept this item on the menu all by ourselves based on how many of them we consumed, but as expected, when the month ended, so did the Super Hero Burger.  And alas, another fast-food item was relegated to my list of fondly remembered food from back in the day.

In all the years since its initial release, it has yet to see the light of day again. It really surprises me too, since it would be so easy to roll it out for different promotions under different names. Hell, a tie-in with the MCU would make perfect sense for bringing it back. I doubt it, but maybe there was some kind of exclusivity with DC regarding this burger.

If you worked at McDonald’s back in ’95 and remember this thing, hit me up, as I want to know more about it. And that whole taste of the month thing. Any memories any of you out there have about that from 1995, get in touch as well via the comments so I can try and piece it all together.

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    1. I worked in McDonalds Canada, Vancouver back in ’95 and remember assembling this burger, it was one of my favourites; it had a special tangy mayo added and the bun was not toasted, I guess to bring up the flavours of the beef patties and garnishes. Never understood why McDonalds havent re-released up to this day.

      • Me either. It seems like a burger that would lend itself to may promotional uses. I really hope it comes back at some point. Of course, it could be one of those things where the profit margin just wasn’t high enough, or maybe the sales weren’t high enough and it’s a long gone after thought for them these days.

      • I worked at McDonald’s in Coquitlam at that time. Remember the “hockey hero” burger? Same deal but different branding, I guess it was just for Canada

        • Oh wow, I never knew it was re-released with a different name. I just watched the commercial from 1996 on YouTube. Awesome.

    2. I worked at McDonald’s in Dundalk (Baltimore) in 1995 and I remember this burger fondly. It’s my favorite long-removed burger from McD’s…along with the Arch Dlx. Id make this triple my way which meant no tomato. But anyway, great write up and a great time in my life.

      Also, I love Batman Forever. I had a pirate VHS copy of this movie and when I left this McDonald’s later in the year I forgot my tape on top of the lockers in the employee room. I was curious to see if it was – somehow- still there last year and showing up one morning I saw that the place was razed. Its rebuilt now into a soulless, windowless box without a counter practically. I would’ve enjoyed looking for it had I had the chance. Our McD’s had a Playplace with an N64 up until demo. I want to go back.

    3. The two cheeses were American and Swiss. We used to take the Swiss cheese and quarter the slices and melt it on top of our chicken nuggets. Chef’s kiss

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      • And the cheddar melt!
        By the way the super hero burger was and still is one of my favorite sandwiches from McDonald’s of all time. That for me was right up there with the big Mac and a quarter pounder. I had it several times that month. I remember distinctly I remember the flavor

    5. I remember this burger well. Watched the movie (awful) then ate the burger (phenomenal). I probably had 10 that month. I didn’t remember it being Mayo as the spread…but it mixed with the cheese and created a really unique/great taste. Do we know what kinds of cheese? I cannot recall.

      • One of the cheeses was regular old American cheese. I think the other slice may have just been white American. And it was mayo on the burger, but the taste may have been altered by the special blend of salt and pepper used on this burger.

    6. Hey there. Funny that I just found this article. Anyway I worked at McDonald’s in Illinois 1994-1995 and I totally remember this thing. I remember a lot of the promotions we used to do and man do I wish I kept all the junk we took as employees during that time too regarding said promotional items.

      I remember a co worker and I would sing the song “holding out for a hero” by Bonnie Tyler. In those days the front of lines would call the needed food back to the cooks and “I need a hero” would be belted out much to the dismay of whomever was working that day.

      • Oh nice! Would you be able to shed any light on what the other burgers of the month were in 1995. I’m finding it very difficult to find info online about it. I know the Superhero Burger, the Arch Deluxe, and some kind of patty melt, but that’s all I can remember.

        • I worked there during that time in Canada … I thought the chicken fajitas came out of that campaign but can’t be sure… there was however the California burger, which in my opinion never should have left the menu at all. .. did the McRib come out of that also?? I really don’t remember, but the California burger was certainly my favourite. You’re right though, there’s virtually no information online about that particular test campaign.

          • Thanks for chiming in. I always love hearing from folks who worked in fast food in the ’80s and ’90s. I don’t know why I’m so fascinated with it, but I am.

            The McRib was out long before 1995, but it was the Flavor of the Month for one month in ’95. As for the Chicken Fajitas, they debuted in 1993, but they were the flavor of the month in July 1995. I’m still trying to piece the whole year together, lol.

      • I worked at Mickie D’S from 94 to 96 also. I still have the dream team fry boxes as well as batman forever fry boxes as well. But I made a ton of these things. I talk about it now and people think I am crazy. “McDonald’s didn’t have a burger like that!” Yes they did. Heck the store I worked at had a breakfast buffet on Saturdays and Sundays. And this was a corporate store, not a franchise.

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