September 24, 2017
Sea Monkeys
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Sea Monkeys Were a Cool Concept

There have been plenty of toys that allowed to children to put their natural creative energies to work. Legos, Erector sets, and countless other similar items let kids build elaborate kingdoms and complex machines to satisfy the need to create. Sea Monkeys took this process one step further and allowed .....[CONTINUE]
  • New Kids on the Block – The Original Boy Band

    New Kids On The Block was the original ‘boy band’ of 90’s. They sold records by the millions with their r&b-inflected; bubblegum pop, filled concert halls with screaming girls wherever they went, and dominated teen magazines with their hunky yet clean-cut image. They also set the tone for future boy .....[CONTINUE]
  • Xena: Warrior Princess

    Xena, that raven-haired, armor-wearing, ancient-times heroine, first appeared in an episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys called “The Warrior Princess,” as “gasp” a bad guy. Er, girl. To be more precise, Xena was an evil warlord bent on killing Hercules. Fortunately for Hercules, she had an epiphany and reformed her .....[CONTINUE]
  • Retro Comic Book Ads

     A short time ago, my good friend Hoju Koolander over at Retro-Daze brought forth for our enjoyment, an article in which he looked back fondly at some retro comic book ads found within the pages of some vintage comic books. I myself had been working on the same kind of .....[CONTINUE]
  • Dick Tracy Was a Colorful Homage

    Dick Tracy was Warren Beatty’s ode to Chester Gould’s comic strip, a sharp, colorful world populated with handsome good guys, strange-looking bad guys, vampish vixens and damsels in distress. The film seemed like it had been actually set in a comic strip, thanks to the bright, bold set design, along .....[CONTINUE]
  • Jem – It Was More Than Just a Girl’s Cartoon

    Long before The Spice Girls, Jem and the Holograms had Girl Power and then some. Underwritten by Hasbro, who wanted an MTV-influenced doll line to rival Mattel’s Barbie, Jem came on the scene as part of the Super Sunday block in 1985. The segment proved so popular it was spun .....[CONTINUE]
  • Hypercolor: The Clothing That Made People Want to Touch You

    We have seen the future, and it changes color with heat. Really, you practically couldn’t afford not to buy a HyperColor shirt. I mean, it changed color, right? That was like getting two shirts for the price of one. So that price tag you saw? Remember, that was 50% off .....[CONTINUE]
  • Small Cars, Big Fun: The Short Story of Penny Racers

    At first, it seemed like kind of a rotten deal. You’d saved up every last penny you could scrounge to buy one of Takara’s Penny Racers cars, and here they were, asking you to give up another cent just to play with it. Oh, but it was worth it. Matchbox .....[CONTINUE]
  • My 5 Favorite GI Joe A Real American Hero Episodes

    It’s time to dig in deep, and talk about one of my favorite cartoons of all time….G.I. Joe:  A Real American Hero.  As a kid, I fell in love with not only the cartoon, but the action figure line as well.  G.I. Joe was always my go-to toy at playtime, .....[CONTINUE]
  • The Rise and Fall of Milli Vanilli

    During the dance-pop explosion of the late 80’s, Milli Vanilli caught the public eye with their fresh look and slick dance moves. However, they inspired one of the great controversies in recent pop music history when it was discovered that neither one of the group’s members sang a note on .....[CONTINUE]
  • My Two Dads Was a Highly Underrated TV Series

    How did one girl get so lucky? When Nicole Bradford was orphaned by her mother at age eleven (that wasn’t the lucky part), she was left with not one but TWO fathers (that was). It turned out that Nicole’s mother, Marcy Bradford, was dating two men simultaneously, and never determined .....[CONTINUE]
  • Retro Ramblings Is Looking For Guest Posts

    I’ve decided to open Retro Ramblings up to guest posting for those who may be interested.  Why you ask?  Well, there are several reasons as to why. First, I love to visit and read blogs that have a steady steam of new content.  I still read the ones that don’t, .....[CONTINUE]
  • 2017 Halloween Food Finds

    One of the best things about fall, and the Halloween season in particular, is all the cool Halloween food that comes out this time of year.  Some you can always count on seeing, while others are only on the shelves for a year or two, and some we may never .....[CONTINUE]
  • The Last Starfighter: A Movie for the Video Gamer in All of Us

    The Last Starfighter showed a new generation of video game maniacs the one secret their mothers didn’t want them to know: if you practice really hard, spend enough quarters, and get really good at video games, you just might end up becoming the savior of an entire galaxy. Try shoving .....[CONTINUE]

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