Adventures of Brisco County

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

This well-liked but short-lived Fox TV series was a sort of modern-day take on The Wild Wild West. Bruce Campbell (known to horror fans as ‘Ash’ in the Evil Dead film series) played the title character, a Harvard-educated [Continue reading]

Toys & Games

Looking Back at NFL Blitz

Midway scored huge in 1993 with NBA Jam, proving that the arcades were still hungry for good sports games. The company fed that appetite again in 1997 with NFL Blitz, a 3-D game that applied all the [Continue reading]

Toys & Games

The History and Heydey POGs

In the 1990s, people began to realize that the word “collectible” need not be limited to things like comic books and movie posters. Anything that someone wanted could be considered a collectible, especially if a [Continue reading]