Saturday Mornings: Visionaries – Knights of the Magical Light


When the many suns of the planet of Prysmos came into alignment, the results were catastrophic. The planet was thrust back into the Dark Ages, where magic equaled power. Because of the cataclysm, the planet was split into two warring factions—the evil Darkling Lords and the Knights of the Magical Light (who also went by “Spectral Knights” and “Visionaries”). Merklyn, a master of magic, assembled the group, in hopes of bringing peace to the planet that had been torn asunder by the catastrophic event.

The Knights and Darklings had on their armor a holographic chest plate, created by Merklyn. Through the wizard’s power and after proving themselves through a series of tasks, the warriors were able to transform into the animal represented on their chest plates. The specific animals were assigned based on the bearer’s own traits—a cheetah for speed, a lion for bravery, etc. Several of the warriors (both good and evil) also carried holographic staves, which could discharge the powers of speed, decay, and more through the reading of a rhymed incantation. The only catch was that each staff needed a recharge after every use, and Merklyn didn’t give away his magic to just anyone.

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Friday Five: Wrestling Action Figures

This month, my buddy Chad is running Slam Fest over at his blog, HorrorMovieBBQ, and I thought I would jump on the train for this Friday Five and highlight five of my favorite wrestling toys from through the years.  To begin with, I’ve got to start where it kind of began for a lot of people…LJN WWF Superstars figures!


LJN WWF Superstars

This was the wrestling action figure line that most folks would say was their first.  It kind of was for me, but I never had a truly great experience with it.  I first saw them when a neighbor kid at my grandmother’s house brought over his Hulk Hogan, Big John Studd, and Andre the Giant figures.  I was mesmerized.  I told my Mom about them, and that I wanted some.  For Christmas, I got a Nikolai Volkoff figure, and a Mean Gene Okerlund.  Now I love Mean Gene, but what the hell was I going to do with his figure?  Have him interview Volkoff over and over again?  This was not a good start.  A while later, I got a Junkyard Dog figure, but by then, the bloom was off the rose for me as far as these figures went.  In the meantime, I had played with them a couple of times at my cousin Tim’s house.  He had the ring to go with the figures, so it was really cool.  I still love these figures, but I never owned enough of them myself to put it really high on my all-time list of favorite toys.

WWF Thumb Wrestlers

Sticking with the WWF, these Thumb Wrestlers were my consolation to not having the LJN figures.  I was actually able to pick up several packs of these with my weekly allowance, and that gave me enough variety to really enjoy having these.  I had Hulk Hogan, JYD, Hillbilly Jim, Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, and Big John Studd.  Like I said, enough variety to play around with and have some matches.

Now, these things weren’t great as what they were designed to be.  They were too cumbersome to put on your thumb and have actual thumb-wrestling matches.  I tried taking them to school to do that very thing with but failed miserably.  They were great for just playing with and having them do moves to each other with though.

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TNT A Whole New Network Ad From 1988


Oh man, I can remember when TNT fist launched back in 1988.  I don’t why, but I was overly-excited about it coming to cable TV.  At that point in time, I had no interest in old movies like Gone With the Wind, so it must have been the allure of the cartoons along with The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock that had me amped up.

I know that once it launched, I was tuned into it every weekday evening.  They showed a block of Looney Tunes cartoons from 6pm to 7pm I think, and then followed that with Fraggle Rock and The Muppet Show.  I can’t remember which one of those were at 7, and which one was at 7:30.  I just remember that two-hour block being my go-to every day.

Can any of you fill in that detail for me as to which one was on at which time?  And how many of you remember when TNT launched, and what memories of it do you have?

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Wax Pack Flashback: Knight Rider Cards from 1983

In my latest episode of Wax Pack Flashback, I’m opening a pack of Knight Rider cards from 1983.  The Wax Pack Flashback is presented by  Give it a watch and leave a comment on YouTube if you enjoyed it.

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TRN Podcast: Fast Food Kid’s Meal Toys

Jason and Mickey return with a follow up to our Top 5 Happy Meal Toys episode. First, Jason mourns the loss of World Market, but then Mickey picks up the mood but giving his first reactions to Disney+. Then, it’s time for the latest Recurrent Events headlines including:

  • G.I. Joe: War on Cobra mobile game
  • WWE Ice Cream Bars
  • Zach returning to Saved By the Bell reboot
  • Supermarket Sweep returning to ABC

Our TRN Time Machine segment this week sponsored by RetroDaze.Org takes a look back at fast food! Our Happy Meal episode was such a hit that we are going back to revisit our favorite Kids Meal Toys from other restaurants. Toys from Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, Hardees, Burger King and more made our lists and we can’t wait to talk about them! Plus, we read listener feedback on the topic that we requested on social media prior to the show. And before we go we’ll tell you about a few things to look forward to this week on The Retro Network.

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Forgotten Television: The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy

Action shows have had plenty of cop and detective heroes, but somehow, the ever-humble stuntman usually got left out of the picture. This imbalance was corrected in the early 1980s when The Fall Guy hit the airwaves. This show was the brainchild of the ever-prolific Glen A. Larson, the television producer behind such colorful fare as B.J. And The BearBattlestar Galactica, and Knight Rider. Like those classics, The Fall Guy blended a comic-book-style premise with plenty of action and humor.

The focus of The Fall Guy was Colt Seavers, a Hollywood stuntman. This character was brought to life by Lee Majors, a macho actor best known to viewers as The Six Million Dollar Man. Majors also sang the show’s witty country-pop theme song, “The Unknown Stuntman,” which chronicled the woes of your average, everyday stuntman.

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G.I. Joe VHS Tapes Ad

Here is an ad from an old comic book announcing that G.I. Joe cartoon episodes were going to be available on Family Home Entertainment VHS tapes.  F.H.E. would go on to release twelve tapes featuring G.I. Joe.  The first two compiled the episodes that made up The M.A.S.S. Device mini-series, and The Revenge of Cobra mini-series as full-length movies.  Most of the rest of them were just tapes featuring single episodes.  If that price tag of $39.95 was the same for all the tapes, that’s pretty crappy.  I can see possibly paying that for one of the two mini-series, but not for a tape featuring just a single episode.  For Christmas in 1986, I received one of the tapes, the single episode titled Sattelite Down.  I really hope my parents didn’t pay that much for that tape back then.  That $39.95 is $93.00 in today’s dollars.

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