February 18, 2020

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Jello Jigglers
Food - Retro

Forgotten Food: Dessert Foods From the ’80s and ’90s

I’m talking about all those awesome fast food items, chips, candies, snacks, and drinks from years gone by, and they’re always on my mind and driving me crazy!  And I don’t know it it helps, or just makes the cravings worse to talk about them, but I’m going to do it anyway. KEEP READING…

It Came From TV Guide

Walking Tall TBS Movie Ads from TV Guide

I miss what I call the “glory days” of TBS back in the late ’80s through the early ’90s.  Those days when they would show cool old movies from the Turner collection and the Walking Tall series is a great example.  They always done a fine job of advertising their programming in TV Guide, and below is a great example.  KEEP READING…

WWF Royal Rumble Logo
Retro Wrestling

Five Royal Rumble Memories

With this year’s Royal Rumble coming up this weekend, I thought it would be a good time to think back on some of my favorite Royal Rumble memories and share them with you.  And what better way to do that than in this week’s Friday Five.  Without further ado, here are five of my favorite Royal Rumble memories. Royal Rumble KEEP READING…


Wax Pack Flashback: Saved by the Bell Cards

In this latest episode of Wax Pack Flashback, you can watch me open a pack of Saved by the Bell trading cards from 1992.  Saved by the Bell was one of my favorite shows in that era, and my Saturday morning TV viewing revolved around it.  Watch along and see what I find inside.

Nintendo Nostalgia

Nintendo Nostalgia: Excitebike

ExciteBike was one of the Nintendo consoles most beloved games, and a favorite of mine too. I killed many hours with this bad boy, and for good reason….it was full of great features!  Racing on a motorcycle! Design your own tracks! Put 100 jumps in a row! This was one awesome game for those three reasons, and why it’s so KEEP READING…

Retro Wrestling

Wrestling Action Figures Lines I Miss

This month, my buddy Chad is running Slam Fest over at his blog, HorrorMovieBBQ, and I thought I would jump on the train for this Friday Five and highlight five of my favorite wrestling toys from through the years.  To begin with, I’ve got to start where it kind of began for a lot of people…LJN WWF Superstars figures! LJN KEEP READING…

It Came From TV Guide

TNT A Whole New Network Ad From 1988

Oh man, I can remember when TNT fist launched back in 1988.  I don’t why, but I was overly-excited about it coming to cable TV.  At that point in time, I had no interest in old movies like Gone With the Wind, so it must have been the allure of the cartoons along with The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock KEEP READING…


Wax Pack Flashback: Knight Rider Cards from 1983

In my latest episode of Wax Pack Flashback, I’m opening a pack of Knight Rider cards from 1983.  The Wax Pack Flashback is presented by TheRetroNetwork.com.  Give it a watch and leave a comment on YouTube if you enjoyed it.

Toys & Games

Five Cool Hot Wheels Toys From the ’80s

In this week’s Top 5, I’m running down my Top 5 Favorite Hot Wheels Toys from when I was a kid.  There have been plenty of cool Hot Wheels toys that have come along in recent years, but my list is looking at Hot Wheels toys from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.  I’m not including any individual cars this time KEEP READING…

Comic Book Ads

The LEGO Builder’s Club

I never joined the actual LEGO Builder’s Club, but I did subscribe to Brick Kicks magazine.  While it was a very cool magazine, it left a little to be desired.  For starters, you only go four issues a year.  And on top of that, it was only about 12 pages per issue.  Now those 12 pages were packed with really KEEP READING…


Wax Pack Flashback: Comic’s Future Stars from 1993

In this episode of Wax Pack Flashback, I open up a pack of Comic’s Future Stars cards from 1993.  I was huge into comic books in the ’90s, and I thought this pack would be filled with profile shots or people like Todd McFarlane, Rob Leifeld, and Jim Lee.  I guess I should have realized the fact that those guys KEEP READING…

Nintendo Nostalgia

Nintendo Nostalgia: Castlevania II Simon’s Quest

When Konami unleashed the first Castlevania cartridge on the Nintendo world in 1987, I was still too wrapped up in Super Mario Bros., Excite Bike, and Rad Racer to pay much attention.  Even though the original game was much loved and had a lot of hype around it, I was still impervious to the franchise’s existence when Castlevania 2:  Simon’s KEEP READING…


Wax Pack Flashback: New Kids on the Block from 1989

In my latest Wax Pack Flashback video for The Retro Network, I open a pack of New Kids on the Block Cards from 1989.  I love doing these videos and opening all these cool old packs of cards.  While New Kids on the Block were never my thing, I do respect just how big the craze was back in the KEEP READING…

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