The Weekend Edition for 10/17/21

Welcome back for another Weekend Edition here on Retro Ramblings. It’s where I share the retro-themed news, as well as retro and nostalgia-themed articles and posts I’ve come across in the last week. And through the month of October, I’m also sharing fun Halloween stuff I’ve found as well. So pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, settle into a comfy seat, and read through some of the links I’m sharing below.

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Video of the Week

I tuned into the Retro-Daze Halloween Special Trivia contest the other night, and before the game got going we were presented with a Halloween safety film from 1985. It was such a glorious throwback that I decided to share it with you all as this week’s video. It’s only about 15 minutes long, but oh my gosh does it tickle the nostalgia bone. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Five of My Favorite Halloween Treats

The Halloween season is upon us, and I thought it would be fun to go back in time to the days of trick-or-treating and look at just what were some of my absolute favorite things to find in my treat bag at the end of the night.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it was hard for any treat to be classified as “bad”, but we all had the favorites that we hoped to get a sack full of by the end of the night.  Here are five of my favorites!

Nerds Candy

When I was young back in the ’80s, there wasn’t much more revered candy amongst my friends than Nerds.  We all loved these things.  We’d carry the normal-sized boxes of them to school with us and compare flavors.  So when the snack-sized boxes came along, we were all stoked.  It was a big deal for a few years though to get these on Halloween night.  We’d all bring in our Nerds haul to school and see who really hit the jackpot. 

Candy Cigarettes

I know these things aren’t exactly politically correct these days, but back then, people didn’t see anything wrong with them.  A lot of Dads smoked then, and one of the coolest things you could do was to imitate your Dad.  I’d “puff” on these things for a while trying to look cool, but it didn’t take long for that chalky flavor to overcome me and I’d have to gobble them down.  Not only that but in school, we treated candy cigarettes like prisoners do real cigarettes.  You could trade these things for all kinds of stuff between classes. 


Retro-Daze is Hosting a Live Halloween Trivia Contest This Friday Night!

Do you think you know your Halloween and/or retro trivia? Then put your skills to the test this Friday night at, as they host a “Super Ultra Colossal Halloween Trivia Special” in the Retro-Daze theater. There will be prizes given away to the top scorers…including $500 for first place, $100 for 2nd, and $25 for 3rd!

There will also be retro Halloween commercials thrown in, as well as some celebrity Halloween shoutouts.

I’m a card-carrying member of the Retro-Daze community, and have thoroughly enjoyed the annual Halloween Specials and know that this one is going to top them all. So clear your calendar and join everyone for a spooky great time, and who knows, maybe you’ll take home a cash prize. You can click the link below for more details:

Retro-Daze Halloween Trivia Special

And while you’re waiting on Friday night to get here, check out the very cool special edition of RD’s Detention…RD’s Retro Detention Halloween Special from 2019 featuring a very special guest!