Pepsi Blue

Pepsi Blue is Returning! Well, I’m excited. I never tried Pepsi Blue when it was originally on the shelves, but being the junk food lover that I am, I’m eager to give it a shot. Besides wanting to taste it for the first time, I’m also excited about [Keep reading…..]

Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading for 4.03.21

Here’s this week’s collection of nostalgia-themed articles and stories from around the web for you to relax with this weekend. Grab yourself a snack, settle into your favorite comfy spot, and enjoy these stories. Free Printable Downloads of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easter Egg Costumes [Keep reading…..]

Masters of the Universe Comic Book Ad
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Old Comic Book Ads

Old comic books and the ads found within are like mini time capsules. You can pick up some random old issue and see ads for things you haven’t thought about in years. And sometimes you’ll come across one that hits you right in the face like a nostalgic baseball bat. At least that’s how these ads were for me. [Keep reading…..]