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Photos From My Dead Mall

A few years ago my mall died. I know I’m not alone in this fact as numerous malls have closed all around the country in the last decade. For our local mall, it started when a new shopping center was constructed seven miles away. Only a few stores left for …..CONTINUE READING

Hot Buttered Cheerios
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Hot Buttered Cheerios (1985)

After all of the sweets that were probably consumed throughout the Halloween season, you may be like me an in the mood for something a little savory. Well, here comes Cheerios to save the day! I tried this Hot Buttered Cheerios recipe last winter and found it to be very, …..CONTINUE READING

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Spooky Old Comic Book Ads

We’re going back to the old comic book ad well again. Don’t worry, it’s a deep well, and I can keep going back over and over again and probably will never run out of fun/cool ads to showcase and talk about. If you’re not familiar with the concept, you can …..CONTINUE READING