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I have long been a connoisseur of sodas. Through the years I’ve probably tried every new offering that hit the shelves at least once. And for whatever reason, a simple can of caffeine-free Pepsi really hit the spot for me. Of course back then, I didn’t know it was just caffeine-free Pepsi, I thought it was it’s own kind of thing. I was hooked on Pepsi Free.

While technically, this is still available, it’s just not the same as it was in the beginning.  The can has changed, and there are no longer many advertising dollars spent on it.  Today, you know it simply as Caffeine Free Pepsi. 

Back in 1982, Pepsi became the first major soda company to introduce a caffeine-free soda to their product line.  They pumped a lot of advertising dollars into the launch and continued to heavily promote it throughout its lifespan. 

The original can was a reddish-orange in color, with a blue logo outlined in white, and struck quite an image to a young soda fan like myself.  While not really knowing what it even was, I was hooked by the can design, the promotion of this hot new thing, and the “taste”.  I swore to everyone that it was the best-tasting soda on the market. 

Everywhere I spotted a Pepsi machine while out and about with my old man, I begged for him to buy me Pepsi Free, and he would oblige.  At this point in life, I’m assuming that he was more than happy to supply a can of “pop” without as much kick as other sodas so he may hopefully get a little peace and quiet in the afternoon without a wired child running around. 

The product in its original name was phased out in 1987.  From that point on, it’s been known simply as Caffeine Free Pepsi. But I believe the sales would rise a little if they would go back to that beautiful orange and blue can.

5 thoughts on “Pepsi Free

  1. Never seen caffeine free Pepsi in Scotland. Coca Cola, yes – but Pepsi no. My wife drinks gallons of Pepsi Max (lo-cal) but the only other Pepsi choices are the flavoured ones, like lime; ginger (I think) and vanilla. 🙂

  2. Great writeup! Pepsi Free always makes me think of BTTF when Marty orders one at the diner. I never did see the point in drinking a soda without caffeine, though. I always thought the caffeine free sodas tasted flat, although that could just be my bias altering the flavor. I do agree though, bringing back some of the retro design cans will get people to go out and hunt for some!

    • Oh shoot, I missed this before I made my comment. And I was even looking to see if anyone else referenced it, too! >_<

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