Halloween Safety Video from 1985

Before you take the kids out for trick-or-treating or let them go out on their own tonight, be sure to watch this Halloween Safety video from 1985. Sure, the safety information is still relevant, but the real draw to watching it is getting a glimpse of life from 1985! Stuff like this is like catnip for nostalgia nerds like me.

Weekend Reading 10/30/22

Every weekend, I like to share a curated list of retro & nostalgia-themed articles, stories, and posts that I’ve come across in the last week. It gives you a chance to escape the daily grind, and just sit back and pass the time reading about the good old days. So with that in mind, here are some things I wanted to share with you this week.

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The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

You’ve probably heard me talk about this Halloween special from 1976, but it’s worth repeating if you’ve still not watched it. The Paul Lynde Halloween Special is such a zany feature, and it’s full of surprise guests, and has such a great Halloween vibe, that I still watch it every year. And if that isn’t enough to get you to give it a try, it features the first TV performance by KISS, which was a huge deal back then, and is so cool to see now. So carve out a little time and watch this classic special. It just may be the best decision you make this Halloween season.

And after you’ve watched it, go listen to the old TRN Podcast episode Jason and I did where we review the whole affair. It’s a fun listen as well.

Kool-Aid Halloween Chiller Recipe from 1982

Here is another good-looking recipe for the Halloween season, and any potential Halloween parties you may have planned. It’s a Halloween-themed punch recipe that Kool-Aid put out back in 1982. What a time to be alive it must have been when you could get Apple-flavored Kool-Aid. Now I know that this recipe calls for that Apple Kool-Aid and that it is no longer available. I also know that Green Apple Kool-Aid is sometimes hard to find. I would suggest using either Orange flavored Kool-Aid, or Lemon-Lime flavored Kool-Aid as a substitute in this recipe. I have similar punches with both of these flavors, and they always turn out great. Go with the Orange if you want an orange-colored punch, or go with the Lemon Lime if you’re looking for a green witches brew type of punch.

And since the recipe portion looks like it could be a little hard to read on a small screen, below is a blown-up version of it.