Kool-Aid Halloween Chiller Recipe from 1982

Here is another good-looking recipe for the Halloween season, and any potential Halloween parties you may have planned. It’s a Halloween-themed punch recipe that Kool-Aid put out back in 1982. What a time to be alive it must have been when you could get Apple-flavored Kool-Aid. Now I know that this recipe calls for that Apple Kool-Aid and that it is no longer available. I also know that Green Apple Kool-Aid is sometimes hard to find. I would suggest using either Orange flavored Kool-Aid, or Lemon-Lime flavored Kool-Aid as a substitute in this recipe. I have similar punches with both of these flavors, and they always turn out great. Go with the Orange if you want an orange-colored punch, or go with the Lemon Lime if you’re looking for a green witches brew type of punch.

And since the recipe portion looks like it could be a little hard to read on a small screen, below is a blown-up version of it.

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