Official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook Now Available

Playing Dungeons & Dragons has been a comfort these last several months. And part of that comfort comes from treating yourself to snacks while you play virtually with your fellow players. However, you’re about to level up in the realm of culinary adventure with the new D&D cookbook, Heroes’ Feast. The official collection of D&D inspired recipes comes from Kyle Newman, Jon Peterson, and Michael Witwer (authors of Dungeons & Dragons Art & Arcana: A Visual History). Adam Ried wrote the recipes, and Ray Katchatorian took all the gorgeous photos. The book is packed with 80 dishes pulled from all around the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Just imagine the kind of food you’d order when you stop at a tavern for a long rest in the game. Your character needs to recover hit points and that requires time and hearty food doesn’t hurt. Luckily, the book includes recipes for feasts such as Orc Bacon, Drow Mushroom Steaks, and Trolltide Candied Apples. This delicious menu provides sustenance for your character to go on a quest or for you, the player, to roll some dice.

Put on an apron and get ready to cook with Heroes’ Feast, The Offical D&D Cookbook. You can pick your copy up now on Amazon for just $14.99.

Hasbro Reveals New Line of Play-Doh With Grown-Up Scents

Hasbro is debuting its first-ever line of Play-Doh modeling compound that’s marketed exclusively to adults.

Play-Doh Grown Up Scents is a new collection of Play-Doh in adult-themed fragrances, including Lord of the Lawn, Overpriced Latte, Grill King, Spa Day, Mom Jeans, and Dad Sneakers. According to Hasbro, the collection is a lighthearted offering that makes a great gift for stocking stuffers, gag gifts, or white elephant gift exchanges. Of course, it can also serve as a fidget toy for those Zoom calls.

The company launched the line with comedic descriptions for each scent in the collection.

  • Overpriced Latte: You paid HOW much for that latte? Finally, a gift for coffee lovers that reveals their true coffee snob status! With a warm, nutty aroma mixed with a touch of sweet smell, this brown scented Play-Doh compound for adults is a fun treat without having to wait in line at the cafe (and without the calories).
  • Spa Day: Finally, a spa treatment you can actually afford! Pamper your senses with this fresh floral scented Play-Doh modeling compound. A single 4-ounce can of squishy pink color and blossomy fragrance is easy to bring on the go or hide in a drawer (ooh la la).
  • Mom Jeans: We’ve taken that perfect feeling of “jeans that are both comfy and flattering” and put it in a can you can take almost anywhere. Take a whiff of the freshly washed denim scent.
  • Lord of the Lawn: Self-proclaimed defenders of home turf will surely appreciate their very own adult Play-Doh compound that celebrates perfectly manicured lawns everywhere! The best part of mowing the lawn is that fresh-cut grass smell, and we’ve captured that in a can for you to cherish even when it’s not mowing season.
  • Grill King: Who’s firing up the grill? Sike – it’s this! Take a whiff from this smoky BBQ scented Play-Doh can and relive the day you were dubbed neighborhood Grill King. Satisfyingly squishy with an irresistible smoky BBQ scent, 4 ounces of this funny stuff is sure to please the barbecue pro in your life.
  • Dad Sneakers: If you could put dad jokes in a can, you’d have this! It’s softer than the arch supports in dad’s sneakers and has that brand-new shoe smell you only experience the moment you open up the shoebox.

Bette Midler Confirms the Original Sanderson Sisters Will Return for the Hocus Pocus Sequel

Bette Midler herself has confirmed she will be reprising her role as Winifred Sanderson, accompanied by her on-screen sisters Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as fellow witches. Midler she and the others were approached to star in the remake of the classic 1993 Halloween movie, to which she gladly agreed.

“They want to make a movie, they’ve asked us if we were interested and of course all of us said yes,” Midler told Fox 5. “I’m game, I’m totally game.”

While the original was a box office bomb, it has since gone on to become a cult favorite during the Halloween season. Earlier this month the Disney film was number one on the NPD VideoScan First Alert chart for two weeks in a row, a list that tracks combined DVD and Blu-ray disc sales. Hocus Pocus has historically ranked in the top five for sales in Octobers past.

For five years in a row, Hocus Pocus has also topped Vudu’s list of most popular Halloween movies on the video-on-demand service. The 1993 comedy has conjured up a place in tradition as viewers flock to rewatch it each year.

Dazed and Confused Cast to Reunite for Live Script Reading

There’s only one thing to say at a time like this. Well, three things: Alright, alright, alright.

The cast of Dazed and Confused will virtually reunite for a live script reading of Richard Linklater’s stoner classic on Oct. 11. Almost two dozen of the ensemble comedy’s original actors will participate, including Ben Affleck, Parker Posey, Adam Goldberg, Anthony Rapp, Wiley Wiggins, and of course, Matthew McConaughey. Patton Oswalt will moderate a Q&A after the reading.

The event will raise funds for March for Science and the Voto Latino Foundation’s campaign to promote voting in Texas in the upcoming election. You can donate any amount here to watch the reading, which will be livestreamed Sunday, Oct. 11 at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Linklater’s film follows a group of high schoolers on the last day of school in Austin, Tex. in 1976. It helped launch the careers of several future stars, including McConaughey, Affleck, and Posey, and spawned many an iconic catchphrase.

Binge Watch the ’90s Cartoon ‘Tales From the Crypt Keeper’ This Halloween Season

Make the most out of this Halloween season and go back to the ’90s at the same time by watching Tales From the Crypt Keeper, the early ’90s Saturday morning hit.

Click above to watch Tales From the Crypt Keeper

The 1950’s introduced us to Tales From the Crypt, a wry, sardonic E.C. Comics series that turned the saccharine theme of good versus evil on its head.

Like its comic predecessor and the HBO horror anthology it inspired, the 1990’s animated series Tales from the Cryptkeeper maintained a cool distance from the “nice” cartoons that littered Saturday mornings.

The ABC network and Nelvana studios made a deal to obtain the rights of the EC Comics’ character, Cryptkeeper, from his new owners, filmmakers Richard Donner, Walter Hill, Robert Zemeckis, Joel Silver, and David Giler. The Cryptkeeper was then animated into a wisecracking skeleton who told tales of moral comeuppance, much like the original comic.

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Tom and Jerry Halloween Special

Tom & Jerry’s TBS Funhouse Halloween Special

On an old episode of The Retro Network Podcast, Tony Grate and I discussed some of our favorite Halloween specials from through the years, and one of my favorites was always the Tom & Jerry’s TBS Funhouse Halloween Special.  Back in the late ’80s, Ted Turner and TBS launched Tom & Jerry’s TBS Funhouse.  It was an hour and a half cartoon block every morning and afternoon where they combined Tom & Jerry shorts with Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies, shorts from the Droopy library, and Popeye cartoons.  It was a really fun block with great variety.  During the holiday seasons, they kicked it up a notch and put together specials for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

These specials would usually air several times in the weeks leading up to the holiday, and they selected appropriate shorts to fit the theme.  Mixed in with the cartoon shorts were live-action bumpers filmed with Josh Jarboe and Audra Lee of the TBS show, Kid’s Beat.  They would dress up and tell jokes or give history about the holiday featured in the special.

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Remembering The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

This well-liked but short-lived Fox TV series was a sort of modern-day take on The Wild Wild West. Bruce Campbell (known to horror fans as ‘Ash’ in the Evil Dead film series) played the title character, a Harvard-educated lawyer turned bounty hunter. Brisco took on this profession when his father was murdered by John Bly and the ‘Gang of 12.’

To seek his revenge, Brisco worked for the Westerfield Club, a group of robber barons who hired him to round up the rogues responsible for his father’s death out of fear that they might be next. Brisco’s liaison with the club was their legal counselor Socrates Poole, who often played an unwilling role in Brisco’s adventures. The avenging son was also aided in his quest by Lord Bowler, another bounty hunter who helped Brisco on his hunt for the purpose of being cut in on the many bounties involved.

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