Re-watch: The Stoned Age (1994)

Back around 1995, I picked up The Stoned Age at my local video store and gave it a watch late one night. I remember liking it at the young age of 17, and thinking it was a “cool” movie. I saw that it was streaming on Tubi and decided to watch it again for old-time’s sake. 

The Stoned Age is a movie with a very simple premise. It details one night in the life of two young men in the late ’70s whose world revolves around three things: getting drunk, getting stoned, and looking for “chicks”. They hear about two lovely and lonely young ladies who are looking to party, so they go to get in on the action. Various issues arise that the young men must overcome in hopes of achieving their goal of hooking up with these young ladies. We meet a cast of characters along the way, none of which are very memorable. In the end, do they succeed? Do they take any important life lessons from this night? Will they survive the wrath of an angry father? You’ll have to watch for yourself to find out.

Please don’t take that last sentence as a challenge or an endorsement to watch this movie. It’s not good. I’m not really surprised that I dug it when I was 17, but now 28 years later, I could hardly slog through it. I stopped it at three different points and only kept going back to it so I wouldn’t feel guilty about writing a review of it without watching it all. 

It feels like someone was trying to duplicate the success of Dazed and Confused from a year prior, but didn’t have the cast or story to even come close to pulling it off. The fact that both movies are set in the ’70s and weed plays a large part are really the only two things they really have in common. 

I hate to be entirely negative, so I’ll give them props for a decent soundtrack. Otherwise, this is one I can’t encourage you to watch whether you’ve never seen it before or like me, haven’t seen it in a very long time. It hasn’t aged well at all. Or maybe I haven’t. Either way, The Stoned Age is a hard pass.

1/2 a star.

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