Time Capsule: 1989 WWF Survivor Series Program

Since 1987, the WWF’s Survivor Series has been a Thanksgiving tradition. For a few years, it took place on Thanksgiving night, then moved to Thanksgiving Eve for a while. After that, it bounced around to a Sunday night that was close to Thanksgiving.

But the yearly event has always been a highlight of the wrestling year with its unique concept where teams of four “strive to survive” in elimination tag team matches. The 1989 edition featured five of these matches filled with the biggest superstars of the day.

In this time capsule, look back at the big event through the pages of its official program, and try to remember what the anticipation was for big wrestling events like this.

One thought on “Time Capsule: 1989 WWF Survivor Series Program

  1. That looks like a great keepsake, and way to follow the program if you haven’t been watching on TV.

    I remember hearing about these kinds of programs, but when I attended my first WWF show and asked for one, all I got was last month’s issue of WWF Magazine with a piece of paper inserted. I was so disappointed, but didn’t really have the nerve to ask for a refund. =\

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