Time Capsule: 1988 Great American Bash Program

In this Time Capsule, I’m looking at something very near and dear to my heart, as it’s the official program from the NWA’s Great American Bash tour in 1988.

For wrestling fans back then, the Great American Bash event was the highlight of the summer. The tours in 1986 and 1987 set the wrestling world on fire those summers, and while 1988 was a little less enticing than those first two years, it still featured several hot feuds. Not to mention the PPV event that year would feature the Tower of Doom match.

The PPV event would not feature the touted scaffold matches, but since this program covers the tour as a whole, that anticipated matchup is featured, as well as the War Games matches that also were not going to be on the PPV.

This program is a great look back into the goings-on in the NWA that summer, and I hope you enjoy flipping through it as much as I did.

The flip book below is super easy to use. The controls are in the control panel below the book, and you can use them to go forward or backward. I suggest using the expand button to blow it up to full screen for maximum enjoyment.

One thought on “Time Capsule: 1988 Great American Bash Program

  1. The glory days of wrestling, 80s Crockett! I have the War Games VHS that features some of the War Games matches from the Bash tours of this era. Doesn’t get any better than the Horseman, Dusty and the Road Warriors.

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