Velveeta Salsa Dip Recipe from 1993

Going back in time and revisiting these Retro Recipes has been a real treat for me. I used to get excited when I’d be browsing through one of mom’s magazines and come across a tasty-looking treat using items we generally had on hand. Having the items on hand made my argument that much easier when I would start begging mom to make those tasty-looking treats.

Such was the case with this recipe for Velveeta Salsa dip. I had never had it before, but my eyes instantly stopped on the recipe while flipping through a Kraft insert in one of her books. This one took a little more begging though because although we had Velveeta on hand, my old man wasn’t a cheese eater. And salsa/Picante sauce wasn’t an item we bought either. But mom was a fan of taco dinners and the like, so she was open to trying it. She agreed to make it, but we had to wait until my dad was traveling. But I remember that night, and how I didn’t think anything else could ever top this dip.

That was almost thirty years ago, and I still make this dip today. Hell, I just made it this past weekend to enjoy while watching football. It’s quite easy to make, and the base recipe is great on its own, but I suggest you try one of the variations listed. I personally like to add in cooked hamburger and onions. It’s delightful. If the weather is already cooling off where you are, this may be just the thing you need to warm yourself up.

2 thoughts on “Velveeta Salsa Dip Recipe from 1993

  1. I must say, I adore these retro recipe posts. They are so unlike what you find online.

    I haven’t thought about Velveeta Salsa in years!! It’s just one of those things I forgot even existed but now I want a bowl!!

    • I also love the stories behind, well all your posts, but especially with recipes…women will go on and on about their husbands and going to the store- its unbearable! I’m definitely making this. We make one with cream cheese block and 2 cans of hormel chilli with beans- u just add the chill 2 the c.cheese and heat on stovetop- probably could micro it- back in highschool a friend of mine got me hoooked on velveeta and hormel chill- u can just add a decent chunk of velveeta to a can of chilli. They are both so satisfying ! Cant wait to try with some added g.beef maybe a mix of all these ingrediums 😁

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