Time Capsule: 1986 Transformers Action Figures Catalog

Enjoy this complete scan of a Transformers action figures catalog from 1986. When you’re done drooling, check out the rest of the scans in the complete scans archive!

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2 thoughts on “Time Capsule: 1986 Transformers Action Figures Catalog

  1. Oh, now we’re talking! ’86 was my first big year for collecting Transformers. I don’t know if I got more this year than any other, but definitely more than any year before.

    I’ll spare a huge list, but I’ll just say I had 25 of these (and these aren’t even everyone). It’s wild to see the earlier decos, too. Superion looks more G2 here (maybe that’s where they got those colors, and Galvatron with a black cannon instead of the electric orange is crazy, too.

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