Getting Back to Old School Blogging

If you’ve landed here at Retro Ramblings (which you obviously have if you’re reading this) you’ll notice that things look quite a bit different than what you’ve been used to for the last several years.

In several posts in the past both here on this blog and on social media, I’ve bemoaned the loss of great retro blogs. I’ve also bemoaned the loss of traditional blog formats. All the while, I was perpetuating the sleek look and style of more contemporary sites. That’s a little hypocritical I guess, so I’ve decided to be the change I want to see. I’m taking Retro Ramblings back in time with a presentation just like all of my favorite blogs back in the day. Gone now is the slick formatting, and I’ve stripped Retro Ramblings of all it’s bells and whistles and am focusing on the just the content again.

This style may turn some off, but I hope not, and this style may help encourage others out there to dust off the old-school blogging templates and give things a go at it again. I kind of doubt that will happen, but instead of just wishing it, I’ve decided to go with it myself just hoping to reach someone.

And hey, since this blog is all about old-school things, It’s kind of appropriate to have an old-school blog feel to it as well. Some may see this as a step backward, which I guess it technically is, but I see it as a step forward. A step towards making me happy with it again, which is something I’ve struggled with through the last few years.

I tended to “present” things instead of writing about them. Things that I may or may not have had a connection with simply to please segments of the audience. But with the return to an old-school blog comes an old-school approach. I’m not just presenting things, but will be talking about my memories of them and connection to them from the past.

Again, this may not be your cup of tea, but I hope you stick around and see where it goes. It should be a fun ride.

4 thoughts on “Getting Back to Old School Blogging

  1. I’m with you! Old skool is best. (There;s also too much AI influenced blogging going around these days too., which irritates me.)

    I’ll still be here … (logged in on my ‘author’ blog right now … it’s Jackie / Colin from Once Upon a Time in The ’70s) 🙂

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