GI Joe Killer WHALE Hovercraft

Throughout my memories of the mid-’80s, two action figure lines dominated my playtime. Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe. The cartoon series and the Real American Hero toy line were a powerful combination. I lived and breathed G.I. Joe pretty hard back then. I mean, I still do today, but not nearly like I did back then. The toy line was full of awesome toys, and I still miss one in particular that I never had the pleasure of owning…the Killer WHALE Hovercraft

Like most things I salivate over in old toy commercials, I never owned the WHALE, nor did I ever get a chance to play with it. So watching the kids in this commercial put it through its paces makes me excited even today. The fact that it actually floats on water is a big drawing point, and watching the depth charges roll off into the water almost sent me over the edge. It was a stellar toy in a line full of them, and yet it still stands apart from the rest because of all its cool features.

I mean, it seems like the ultimate assault weapon during playtime. The twin guns, the depth charge feature, and the belly of the thing holds even more Joe figures. And check out the commercial for it below…what about that environment they are playing with it in? I wish I had had a place like that to take my Joes back then and fight out the battles between G.I. Joe and Cobra.

One thought on “GI Joe Killer WHALE Hovercraft

  1. I did have this when I was a kid! Probably the biggest Joe toy I ever had, too, given I was more into He-Man before and Transformers after.

    But it was pretty cool! Rolling it along was a little weird, since I think all the wheels were on swivels like an office chair, and I never got to test it in the water, but it was still a favorite. Gave me a certain affinity for the Autobot Seaspray and his alternate mode, too — especially all these years later, as he’s much easier to store!

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