Weekend Reading 06/19/22

Every weekend, I like to share a curated list of retro & nostalgia-themed articles, stories, and posts that I’ve come across in the last week. It gives you a chance to escape the daily grind, and just sit back and pass the time reading about the good old days. So with that in mind, here are some things I wanted to share with you this week.

And I want to take just a moment to remind you that The Retro Network’s “Summer Camp 2022” begins Monday, June 20th! It’s two weeks of pure summer nostalgia via written articles, original videos, and podcasts. There are going to be features on things like the Saved by the Bell beach club episodes, Carvel ice Cream, ’80s songs of summer, the 1989 Summer of Batman, Lawn Darts, and so much more. And you won’t want to miss the special episode of the TRN Drive-In podcast looking back at the cult classic, Ernest Goes to Camp. Be sure to visit The Retro Network over the next couple of weeks to be transported back to the summers of your youth.

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