Weekend Reading 07/11/21

Welcome back to The Weekend Edition! It’s been a long week for me, but one of my favorite things to do is put this together every Sunday morning while having my coffee. I bookmark fun things I find throughout the week and then unload them all on you in hopes that it all helps bring you some relaxation and enjoyment. Let’s get to it!

And finally, since I’ve professed my love for Tubi many times, let me give you my “Tubi Pick’s of the Week“…

  • County Line … a movie starring Tom Wopat as a sheriff in one county that avenges the murder of his best friend who is the sherriff of the neighboring county. It’s a newer movie, but Tom Wopat is still one of my favorite actors from way back in his Dukes of Hazzard days. Click here to watch for free.
  • Mister T Cartoon … if you don’t remember this from back in the mid-’80s, youre in for a treat! It’s a great way to be taken back to your childhood on a Saturday morning. Click here to go the episodes list.
  • Wargames … the classic ’80s movie that probably started my fascination with computers and the like. Click here to watch for free.

Video of the Week

To celebrate 7/11 on its adopted birthday of 7/11 here is their first commercial to appear on television!

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