Talking Note Pads

Talking Note Pad

The 1980s brought plenty of advancements in technology…things that amazed us at the time. Home video game systems, compact discs, big-screen TVs, handheld video cameras, home computers, and so much more. And a lot of those products have stood the test of time. But not this one.

No, the Talking Note Pad was certainly a product of its time and was quickly left behind by other modern marvels. But my family had one of these things handing on the fridge in our kitchen. That was made possible by the handy magnet on the back of it.

But at the time, what wasn’t to love about this do-it-all piece of convenience? I mean it featured a notepad and a pencil to jot down notes and leave them for other family members. Like, if you wanted to remind Mom to pick up another box of Morning Funnies Cereal or Oatmeal Swirlers for breakfast, all you had to do was leave her a note! And if you weren’t sure that just handwriting on a piece of paper would convey the urgency of the matter, then you could record an actual message! Hallelujah! Breakfast would be saved!

This thing had a voice recorder and a playback feature and came with not one, but two tapes to record on! It even had a volume control so you could turn it up real loud so when she hit play, there’s no way she wouldn’t get blasted with your message.

And a convenient little feature this wonder device also boasted was that the organizer part was detachable, so you could move this marvel around wherever you may need access to a pad and pencil, or clipped coupons, fingernail clippers, or whatever else wouldn’t fit in that drawer in your kitchen. You know which drawer I mean. We all had one.

Unfortunately, the Talking Note Pad ran its course. But we can all take solace in the fact that things like this eventually led to the invention of the smartphone. I mean, something had to come along to replace this, or how would we ever leave messages for Mom, or write notes to remind ourselves that Hulk Hogan was wrestling Paul Orndorff in a cage on Saturday Night’s Main Event that weekend?!? It was a must-have product of the past.

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