Weekend Reading 07/18/21

It’s another Sunday morning and time for another Weekend Edition. Before I get into the links for this week I just wanted to say that from looking at the stats here on the blog, it appears that quite many of you click on a lot of the links I feature each week. That’s very cool, as it shows that a lot of us like a whole lot of the same stuff. So since that’s the case, let’s go ahead and get to this week’s batch of cool stuff I’ve found recently.

One of my favorite wrestlers of the ’80s, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff passed away much too soon this week. A couple of months ago I wrote a feature for The Retro Network detailing one of my favorite memories of him called Saturday Night Suspense: The Night Hulk Hogan Fought Paul Orndorff in the Cage! Go check it out and relive some of what made Mr. Wonderful so damn great.

In more sad news, legendary rapper Biz Markie also passed away this week. Probably his most iconic work was his music video for the song ‘Just a Friend’. Take a second and watch the video in memory of a great.

The new Black Widow movie has been all the rage around the theaters in the last week, but here’s 10 Made-for-TV Superhero Movies Everyone Wants to Forget.

For more comic book nostalgia, check out 10 Facts About DC Comic’s Swamp Thing.

You’ve probably heard that there’s a Wonder Years reboot in the works, but fans of the original version may sometimes ask themselves, Whatever Happened to Jason Hervey?

McFarlane Toys has consistently made some of my favorite action figures over the last 20 years, and now they may have topped themselves with the news they will be releasing 1966 Batman figures!

And as usual, here is the weekly link to Plaid Stallion’s 5 Awesome Things on eBay This Week.

I had a very busy week and didn’t have very much time to surf the web this week and as a result, I didn’t get to dig up as much cool stuff for you as usual. But what I did have time to do this week was post every day here on Retro Ramblings. So in case you didn’t get a chance to come around much, here’s what you’ve missed…

Video of the Week

For this week’s video, I’m giving you a fun movie to watch that most of you have probably never heard of called Comrades of Summer. It came out in 1992 as an HBO film, that features Joe Mantegna as disgraced manager of the Seattle Mariners baseball team, who finds work in Russia running their Olympic team after the fall of the Soviet Union. While dealing with culture shock and the harsh reality that the team is far from being a great one, he somehow manages to get the players into fighting shape — while also settling into his new life abroad. It’s a good summer flick that I saw when it first hit the air back in the day. I think you’ll find it entertaining.

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