1984 McDonaldland Fun Times Magazine Halloween Edition

It’s been a little while since I added any new scans to the archives, so what better way to make up for that than by posting a Halloween-related scan. There’s already a McDonaldland Fun Times magazine scan in the archives, but it’s from 1990 and wasn’t tied to a holiday or anything. But this one, oh my, this one is a Halloween-themed one and from the mid-80s, so it may be more in some of your wheelhouses. I hope you enjoy it.

Don’t forget that there are plenty of more old scans in the full scan archive here at Retro Ramblings including old toy catalogs and the like. You can access the archive by clicking below.

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2 thoughts on “1984 McDonaldland Fun Times Magazine Halloween Edition

  1. Ah, McDonald’s and Halloween… is there any better combination?

    Well, there’s Garfield…

    Thanks for the scans!

  2. Very cool. I was too old by far when this was out, but it looks like it would have been fun for kids. Some of that art reminds me of an Nickelodeon show, the name of which I cannot recall. Calliope, maybe?

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