1986 Toys ‘R’ Us Out of This World Toy Book

Eternia Playset

You know I love old catalogs…especially ones from the late ’80s because that’s just my wheelhouse. And you know I also love Christmas. And lastly, you know that I love archiving scans of various catalogs, magazines, and the like. So this is a big one and hit all those notes. I’m proud to present to you the 1986 Toys ‘R’ Us Out of This World Toy Book! I hope you enjoy salivating over it as much as I do.

If you’ve enjoyed the full scan of this old toy catalog then you’ll probably find plenty of other things you enjoy in our Scans Collection.

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    • I had a friend with that. However, by the time I found out about it (he lived out of the way, so it was a while before I got to see him out of school), we were using it for Autobot City instead of the towers of Eternia. XP

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