2023 Halloween Junk Food Finds

One of the things that makes the Halloween season so great every year is all of the limited-time junk foods that are available to enjoy. And one of my favorite things to do in early fall is to go “Halloween hunting” at our local stores. All that means is that we go and walk the aisles of our stores in town looking for fall and Halloween things. We went hunting last weekend, and then again this past Saturday. Here is what we’ve found so far.

These Count Chocula Treats aren’t new for this year, as they were available year before last at least. I didn’t find any last year but that doesn’t mean they weren’t out there. The size of this box indicates that they are being marketed as a treat to give away on Halloween night. Boxes in the past only had six or eight bars in it.

We also saw the Monster Mash Remix fruit snacks in trick-or-treat quantities but did not pick those up. We have yet to see any of the monster cereals this year. We’ve been on the lookout as we want to try the new Carmella Creeper and I need to add it to my cereal box collection. I also want this year’s Monster Mash Remix cereal for the same reason. I can pass on the rest of this year. But speaking of cereal…

I missed last year’s Halloween Fruity Pebbles, but they were the first thing we saw when we walked into our Wal-Mart as they had a large display of them in the main aisle. This is a really good-looking box, and I love that they are using Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm in costume for the box art this year. The orange and purple flakes are a nice touch too. It really fits the season.

The back of the box has a cool gimmick as well as it features a Fred Flintstone jack-o-lantern pattern that you can use for carving your pumpkin.

This Witch’s Brew Snack Mix from Utz was a big hit here. The entire bag was gone by the second night of it being in the house. They incorporated a lot of “orange” snacks in the mix to fit the Halloween them I guess. But no matter the reason, it’s a tasty mix that was perfect to snack on while we watched movies last weekend.

While we didn’t pick them up, we did stubble across Pumpkin Spice Cheerios. Several years ago, my daughters and I tried these and we all liked them. I’m not a huge pumpkin spice fan, but these were pretty good. Pumpkin Spice is a great compliment to Cheerios.

We are big fans of Pop Tarts in this house, and usually try all of the new flavors they release. I believe this Pumpkin Pie flavor has been released several times over the last few years, but if we’ve tried them I don’t remember it.

Since pumpkin spice is basically the same thing as pumpkin pie flavor, it makes me wonder why they choose to brand these as pumpkin pie and not take advantage of the pumpkin spice trend. Maybe they’re trying to avoid the negative connotations that comes with the pumpkin spice name with the haters of the world.

Little Debbie always brings it hard for the fall and Halloween seasons. The Fall Party Cakes are nothing special from the cake company, they’re just simply redecorated versions of cakes that are available all year long. But somehow having them decorated for the season just makes them taste better.

The pumpkin spice donuts caught the eye of my oldest and she says she’s excited to try them, but the package has yet to be opened yet.

The real winner here though is the Pumpkin Delights. They have been one of my favorite treats Little Debbie has ever produced, and we usually go through several boxes of them every season. Several years ago when my daughter had her food review channel on YouTube, we did a video on them. You can watch that here if you’re so inclined.

The Cap’n is back with another Halloween offering this year. The ghost cereal pieces look pretty cool, and as every year, this cereal will turn your milk green. Fair warning, That’s not the only thing that will be green if you eat this cereal. I like the fact that it’s a redesigned box this year. As a box collector, it’s always great to get a new design.

I’ve saved the best for last in this post as we found this year’s version of Mt Dew VooDew. After five straight years of offering a mystery flavor for Halloween, we can officially call it a tradition.

Every year Mt Dew claims its mystery flavor is patterned after a Halloween candy. In previous years I’ve not been able to pinpoint the flavor, but this year I believe I have. When I opened the bottle, I was hit by the smell of cream soda. And after a few sips, I knew I recognized the flavor but couldn’t place it. It was a half hour later when it hit me. I think it’s based on Dum Dum suckers. I went back and took a few more sips and confirmed it. In my brain at least. Try it and see what you think.

So there we are. That’s what we’ve found so far that grabbed our attention. I’ll do another post of this stuff if we continue to find the goods.

2 thoughts on “2023 Halloween Junk Food Finds

  1. You’re killin’ me Smalls! This is the time of year I used to throw all caution to the wind and buy all the Halloween themed treats. These days, I have a lot more willpower.. but I would love to try all of these!! Have been holding strong and have only sprung for those chewy Werther’s Pumpkin spice caramels, and some Gummy Candy Corns! Oh.. and maybe a caramel apple!

    1. I feel your pain. Myself, I don’t really get to enjoy all of this stuff since I’m diabetic. But my daughters like the seasonal stuff so we pick them up. I generally take just one bite of each to try them and then I have to have the willpower to leave them alone. And I have to spread those “one bites” out over time. Just one a day usually. But I do like to taste all the season offers even if I can’t indulge.

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