The Enchirito is Back at Taco Bell for a Limited Time

The Enchirito, one of the most beloved Taco Bell items through the years is back on the menu for a limited time.

The Enchirito features seasoned ground beef, beans, and diced onions wrapped in a soft flour tortilla, and then smothered in red enchilada sauce and cheese.

Along with only being offered for a limited time, you can only get the classic Enchirito by ordering through the Taco Bell app, or through Taco Bell’s website.

Taco Bell’s Enchirito got its start on the menu in the 1970s and lasted as a regular offering until 1993 when it was axed to make room for new items. It reappeared on the menu from 1999 through 2013, but recently won a fan vote over the Double Decker Taco as the menu item people most wanted to see come back.

I personally voted for a return of the Double Decker Taco as it’s on my short list of most missed Taco Bell menu items.

It has not been specified how long constitutes its “limited time” availability.

One thought on “The Enchirito is Back at Taco Bell for a Limited Time

  1. I do believe I will have to break my multi year streak of no Taco Bell. This was my Grandma’s favorite and I always told my kids how great it used to be. If it even remotely reminds me of the original, it will be money well spent. Just hope I didn’t miss the boat..

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