Big Ass Mexican Pizza

Taco Bell and the Big A$$ Mexican Pizza

Big Ass Mexican Pizza

As I was preparing this week’s Weekend Reading post and checking out all of the various sites I visit looking for content you’ll enjoy, I came across something that really caught my eye.

It was this story from

Taco Bell celebrates the 2023 Super Bowl weekend by offering select fans in the Glendale, AZ area (where the game is being held) a new, actual-pizza-sized version of their signature Mexican Pizza that they’re calling the “Big A** Mexican Pizza.

According to Taco Bell, the Big A** Mexican Pizza is four times the size of a regular Mexican Pizza, which would make it about the size of a small or medium pizza. Taco Bell’s Big A** Mexican Pizza features layers of beans, seasoned beef, Mexican pizza sauce, and melted three-cheese blend between three extra-large crispy tortilla shells (making it thicker than a regular Mexican pizza, which includes two tortilla shells).

Now if you know my history, you know I’m a fiend for Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza. I’ve been a fan of it since I had my first one in the very late ’80s. I was more than upset when they took them off their menu during the pandemic and was probably inordinately excited when they brought it back.

Now they’re giving me a whole other reason to get fired up about it all over again. With someone who loves them as much as I do, it’s cruel and unusual punishment to post a picture of a Mexican Pizza the size of a normal pizza and then tell me it’s not widely available.

But just knowing that this exists gives me hope that they are testing the reaction to it and that it might one day be available for me to enjoy.

I miss several old menu items from Taco Bell and you can read about a few of them over at The Retro Network.

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