McDonald’s is Rumored to be Bringing Back Halloween Pails for 2022

The biggest news I’ve come across in a while is the rumor that McDonald’s is bringing back the legendary Halloween pails for this Halloween season. This year’s crop of junk food has already been quite good, and if the return of McBoo and his pals is really a thing, it’s going to push this season over the moon. I’ve expressed my love for the pails from the ’80s in the past, and I’m just as excited now about them as I’ve ever been.

The rumors have all but been confirmed by @markie_devo on Instagram, and he is a fellow with inside connections who gets this kind of stuff right way more than wrong. My only reservation about this is I would think McDonald’s would already be making a big deal about their pending release. With this kind of throwback being offered, I would think we’d have already seen commercials or seen an official news release about them by now.

But while something like this is a huge deal to a retro-loving geek like myself, to them it may be just another Happy Meal promotion, and if that’s the case, they may not feel the need to hype it. I’m going to remain cautiously optimistic about it all until I see more.

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