Old Stuff on Pinterest

As I was trolling around on Instagram the other day, I ended up going down multiple rabbit holes looking at images of old stuff. And in an effort to get in at least one more non-Christmas post before we get to December, I decided to highlight a few of the images I came across while browsing. So you’re the lucky ones of my down-the-rabbit expeditions. Or not. I’ll leave that to you to decide when you’ve finished this edition of Retro Ramblings.

Scolastic Book Club Flyer From 1990

This thing instantly caught my eye because getting these things during the course of a school day instantly made that day better. Well, for the kids at least, as I’m sure our parents hated to see us bring these things home because it meant they would have to shell out some money. And you had to order SOMETHING from this issue because if you did, you’d get a free scratch-and-sniff sticker! And I can tell you right now without even seeing the rest of the flyer what I would be ordering. That sweet Joe Montana and Jerry Rice photo book.

A Random Page From Somebodies Old Sticker Album

While I didn’t see a time frame listed on this picture, it’s still pretty easy to get close to the time period this is from. I mean, there wasn’t a huge swath of time that both Michael Jackson and Skeletor were trending. While I was never a fan of Michael Jackson and wouldn’t have wasted so much page space on his stickers, I can certainly appreciate the Skeletor sticker, which gets bonus points because it looks like it’s of the puffy variety, AND it’s Battle Armor Skeletor.

The Back Cover of a Berenstain Bears Book

Berenstain Bear books were a big part of my early childhood years as my Mom bought me a ton of them. I loved the stories and the artwork, and am such a fan still to this day that I introduced the same books to my daughters when they were young. It helps that my Mom never threw out my old copies and it was my copies that we still have in our house today. Hell, out of the 26 books pictured, I count 20 of them that I have. Of all the ones pictured, the Go to Camp one was my favorite, followed by Trouble With Money.

Ad for Pillsbury Toaster Muffins

I don’t have the slightest memory at all of Pillsbury Toaster Muffins, so all I can say about them is I just don’t know that it’s worth spending money on a “fake” muffin when regular muffins are so cheap and/or easy to make. What I can speak to though is just how damn delicious Toaster Strudels were, and still are. And I dig the look of that old box.

Tiger Electronics Game Watches

I was never a big fan of the Tiger handheld games because they just felt so limited. And while the gameplay on the watches looks limited too, I’d still go for them because of their versatility. I mean, you can’t just pull out a handheld game in class and start playing, but maybe you could get away with sneaking in a game or two on your watch. Plus the fact that Simon’s Quest, one of my favorite games of all time, is included in the lineup. So I’ll give the games a pass and try Simon’s Quest one.

So there are five random images I came across while browsing Pinterest the other day and my thoughts on them. Do you see anything in these images that catches your eye?

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