ebay Archaeology: Nintendo

It’s time to go through some things I’ve found on eBay recently, and on my latest trip down that rabbit hole I was digging up some fun old Nintendo relics. Let me show you what I found in another eBay archaeology edition of Retro Ramblings.

Nintendo Power Glove
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I don’t know if there was ever any accessory for Nintendo than the Power Glove that has been more wanted. It was made famous by the movie The Wizard, and from the moment we saw it, gamers everywhere wanted it. Unfortunately, it couldn’t live up to the hype due to the state of technology back then, but it would still be so cool to finally own one.

The Official Nintendo Players Guide
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This one is just out of my price range considering what the item is, but when I find one a little cheaper I’ll be picking it up. Back when I got my Nintendo, it didn’t come with Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt as most did. It came with this Official Nintendo Players Guide instead. While that sounds like a bummer on the surface, it was a pretty cool book in its own right. It featured so much cool info on so many games, it helped me plan out my purchases for years to come. And thinking back on it, it holds quite a bit of nostalgia in its pages.

First Issue of Nintendo Power Magazine
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I never could get my hands on my own copies of Nintendo Power, but I got to browse through many issues that my friends brought to school. I was a fan from the first time I held one in my hand. It just had so much cool info in it and pictures and screenshots of games that you couldn’t help but get excited about even the crappiest of games.

Super Mario Brothers Wallet
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This bomb-ass wallet is from 1990 and was sold through Avon. I didn’t need to read the item description or even google it to find that information because I actually had this wallet back in the day. My Mom used to buy a lot of stuff from our local Avon lady, and this was one of the presents I found under the Christmas tree that year. The lenticular design of Mario was pretty cool as it featured the plumber-turned-hero lifting a mushroom up over his head. I carried the wallet for a while after I got it, but sadly as I sit here typing this, I have no idea whatever happened to it.

Super Mario Brothers 3 Happy Meal Boxes
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I’ve been known to have eaten an unhealthy share of McDonald’s Happy Meals in my day, and am now known to collect more than my fair share of old Happy Meal boxes. The Super Mario Brothers 3 Happy Meals are legendary to the people who were of that perfect age in 1990 when they came out, and I’m one of those people. The toys that came in them were great, but the boxes stole the show for me. I still don’t have any of them in my collection, but I just might remedy that situation with this listing.

So there are five cool pieces of Nintendo memorabilia I found on eBay on my recent trip. I could probably find another hundred old pieces of Nintendo merch to highlight, but we’ll save those for another day.

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    1. I got that Nintendo Player’s Guide in more recent years — well, the last ten or so. I didn’t have it as a kid, but I remembered it — as well as How to Beat Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda: Tips & Tactics — having some neat pictures and lore tidbits you don’t see around much, so I made a point of getting all three.

      One of my favorites is that Doc Louis from Punch-Out!! was an alcoholic until he met Little Mac fighting some thugs, and that inspired him to quit drinking and train the boy in boxing. Great stuff.

      Even after losing most of my other Nintendo Powers, I still have my original first issue. And maybe one or two extra. Loved it for all the Super Mario Bros. 2 goodness inside. I was able to regain my collection, so now I think I have every issue… except the second one.

      I wanted to keep my Happy Meal boxes for this and Garfield, but my parents weren’t having it. “Too greasy” they said, even when there was barely any trace of grease inside. Given the lack of Mario action figures back in the day, these would have made great “playsets” for the included toys.

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