Weekend Reading 06/19/21

Here is this week’s curated collection of retro, geek, and nostalgia-themed posts and articles from around the web for you to relax with this weekend. If you know of something I should check out you can leave the link in the comments and I may add it to next week’s edition.

Video of the Week

While recording this week’s episode of the TRN Time Machine Podcast, Jason off-handedly mentioned the video he done at one point called Memory Jogger: The Movie. It’s a film he shot when he returned home a while back, and he and childhood Wyatt went back to all of their old haunts to check things out. I’m highly intrigued by it since I’ve heard a lot of Jason’s story and plan to watch it. I figured I’d make it the video of the week for this Weekend Edition so we could all watch it together. Enjoy.

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