eBay Archaeology: Pizza Hut

If you’ve followed me here on Retro Ramblings, or at The Retro Network, then I don’t have to tell you how I feel about Pizza Hut. But for you new folks, let me just say that Pizza Hut in the ’80s and early ’90s was my favorite dining experience. Matter of fact, the most popular thing I’ve ever written is a piece titled The Glory Days of Pizza Hut. Go ahead and check it out at TRN and then come on back and finish this post. It’ll still be here.

With those formalities out of the way, it’s time to dig into some fun Pizza Hut stuff I found while browsing on eBay. I had seen a picture on Twitter of a pack of old old Pizza Hut puffy stickers. I headed to eBay looking for them but had no luck. But I did come across the following gems that I wanted to share with you for this edition of Retro Ramblings.

Classic Red Cup


These cups are instant nostalgia for me. Every time I see one in a picture somewhere, it just takes me back to 1988, or 1992, or anywhere in that time frame when we would go there to eat on Friday nights.

Seasoned Personal Pan Pizza Deep Dish Pan


Holy crap. How cool it would be to make your own personal pan pizzas at home. That is if you had the ingredients needed to make one that tastes like the real thing. But it would still be cool to have regardless. Surely any homemade pizza would automatically taste better coming out of an actual Pizza Hut pan.

Pizza Hut Jug


Oh my God, I so remember these jugs. Our family had like 5 or 6 of them. We’d use them when going to the lake or the local race track. We’d all fill them with the drink of our choice and head out. I also remember having them with us when we’d go on wagon train in the summer. We’d fill them with ice and water and it would last all day. Those were long days riding in the wagon, so thank goodness Pizza Hut had our thirst needs quenched with their Jug.

Buttons From 1986


So apparently back in 1986 Pizza Hut ran some kind of promotion where people could vote if pepperoni or sausage was their favorite topping. That’s not a bad idea at all for drumming up interest. And it looks like they put some money behind the campaign if they were going all out and making buttons for the vote. Just so you know, I’m a pepperoni man.

Christmas Themed Place Mat


This old placemat combines two of my favorite things…Pizza Hut and Christmas! Their old paper placemats like these were always appreciated because Pizza Hut wasn’t like fast food joints where you had your food when you got to your table. You had to wait a little while, so these things gave you something to do to occupy your time. This one in particular had games on the back featuring the Care Bears.

Quality Captain Pin


I’m going to buy this pin and start wearing it into the local Pizza Huts in my area. They’re all going to fail though because they have lost their way through the years and no longer are the place we fondly remember from our youth. It’s a shame.

So there are a few fun Pizza Hut things I found while browsing eBay this morning. Go check them out if any of them interest you.

4 thoughts on “eBay Archaeology: Pizza Hut

  1. Wow, cool stuff. I don’t remember that kind of cup/glass, though. The ones I remember were more… I don’t know the term. Crystalized?

    We had one of those jugs, though, and I’ve been wanting to get another for old times’ sake.

    Oh, btw, the Glory Days article on TRN is missing most of its pictures now. =(

    1. Yeah, I know about the pictures on the TRN article. I’ve been meaning to go fix them. Guess I need to get to that asap.
      The red cups are the ones I remember from the late ’80s, but our local Pizza Huts changed to the clear version of them at some point in the ’90s.

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