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Weekend Reading for 01/30/21

Here are some nostalgia filled articles for you to enjoy this weekend!

“Challenger, go at throttle up”; The 35th Anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster (via The Retro Network)

How Folsom Prison Changed Johnny Cash’s Career Forever (via Do You Remember)

From Tetris to Super Mario Brothers: 5 Classic Games of the ’80s (via Rediscover the 80s)

13 Super Facts About Superman II (via Mental Floss)

10 Masked Wrestlers Whose Identities Were Quite Obvious (Pro Wrestling Stories)

The History of Pizza Hut’s Bigfoot Pizza (via Retroist)

The 80th Anniversary of Captain America (via Shroud of Thoughts)

LJN Dune Catalog From 1984 (via Plaid Stallions)

West YEAR Ever: Pop Culture in Review – 2020 (via William Bruce West)

8 Favorite Foods That First Appeared in 1981 (via Decades)

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