Weekend Reading – 12/20/20

Christmas Vacation

Here are a few nostalgia filled articles for you to enjoy this weekend.

‘Christmas Vacation’: 6 Injuries That Should Have Sent Clark to the Hospital (via Rediscover the ’80s)

Pifall Harry & the Christmas Road Trip (via The Retro Network)

Toys From the 1992 JC Penny Christmas Catalog (via Dinosaur Dracula)

Saved By the Bell: Home For Christmas (via Horror Movie BBQ)

WWF Wrestling Superstars – The Tale of WWE’s First Wrestling Figures (via Pro Wrestling Stories)

And you can check out the piece I did for The Retro Network as well….

From Poem to Christmas Icon: The Story of Rudolph

If you’d rather watch something this weekend, try one of these selections. I recommend them all!

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