Weekend Reading | 01/10/20

Here are a few nostalgia filled articles for you to enjoy this weekend!

The Onstage Fight That Broke Up the Eagles (via Taste of Country)

The Surprising Origins of 9 Jean Trends (via Mental Floss)

Why Full House Originally Ended After Season 8 (via CBR)

Viennetta – That Fancy Ice Cream Cake From the ’90s is Coming Back! (via Mental Floss)

Randy Savage and Jake Roberts Infamous Snake Bite Incident (via Pro Wrestling Stories)

The 5 Most Ridiculous Episodes of The Smurfs (Rediscover the ’80s)

Sesame Seed Doritos?!? (via The Retroist)

The Great Ghostbusters eBay Hunt (via Horror Movie BBQ)

Frampton Comes Alive 45th Anniversary (via The Retro Network)

1975 Child World Flyer (via Plaid Stallions)

And if you’ve got a link you think I should check out, drop it in the comments and I’ll give it a look!

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