Wax Pack Flashback: New Kids on the Block (1989)

In my latest Wax Pack Flashback video for The Retro Network, I open a pack of New Kids on the Block Cards from 1989.  I love doing these videos and opening all these cool old packs of cards.  While New Kids on the Block were never my thing, I do respect just how big the craze was back in the day.  You couldn’t go anywhere in their heydey and not hear young girls squealing with delight and talking about their love for NKOTB.  It was crazy.  And the subject matter isn’t important, I always love opening old packs of cards, and this one was certainly interesting.  I hope you enjoy it.

And after you’re done with this one, click on the Wax Pack Flashback playlist link at the end of the video to watch the rest of the videos I’ve done in this series.  There’s some really fun packs I’ve done including A-Team cards from 1983, G.I. Joe cards from 1991, WWF WrestleMania 3 cards from 1987, and more.  Plus, subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss future episodes.  Every Wednesday brings a new video, and a new old pack to open.