Wax Pack Flashback: 1989 Batman Trading Cards From Topps

Hey, do you remember how much fun it was opening a new pack of trading cards back when you were young?  Sure you do.  Whether you slowly opened the pack to take it all in, or just ripped away at it to get to the gum inside, we’ve all had our experiences thumbing through a freshly opened pack to see what treasures are waiting inside.

Well I certainly loved the experience back then, and I still do today.  I’ve got a ton of old unopened packs laying around, so I’m recapturing that old feeling by opening them up, and I thought I would try and share a little bit of that excitement with you by posting the pictures.  There’s no commentary on these things…as I’m just showing you what I found inside the pack.  But who knows…maybe you never got to open a pack like this and just wonder what the cards looked like.  Well, here’s your chance to see.

This pack I’m opening today is 1989 Batman Series 2 from Topps.  They were a tie-in item from the movie, and was just one of the thousands of different pieces of marketing material tied to the movie.  Enjoy, and try not to be jealous that it’s me opening the pack and not you.


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  • The Rebel

    Ok. Officially jealous. Miss the good ol days of doin this!

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