Top 5: Hot Wheels Toys

In this week’s Top 5, I’m running down my Top 5 Favorite Hot Wheels Toys from when I was a kid.  There have been plenty of cool Hot Wheels toys that have come along in recent years, but my list is looking at Hot Wheels toys from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.  I’m not including any individual cars this time out, because I plan on counting those down in a separate list.  Let’s get to the Top 5!

Hot Wheels Sto and Go Playsets

Hot Wheels made their own playsets for a while called Sto and Go.  You can’t see it in this picture, but these things folded up and made their own carrying case, hence the name Sto and Go.  They made several versions of this playset, but the construction one pictured above was my favorite one.  I had a lot of various construction themed vehicles and this playset really ramped up the construction zone fun.

Hot Wheels Master Caster

The Master Caster was such a cool idea.  It was a Hot Wheels car factory, that allowed you to make your own Hot Wheels cars out of wax!  You could get colored wax bars to use in it, or you could just take the paper off some crayons and dump them in.  That gave you the ability to create some cars with really custom colors.  There were several molds you could use, and it came with wheel and axle sets to use.  It would heat the wax, and with a turn of the handle, you could pour the melted wax into the mold to make the car.  It was quite the next level toy for Hot Wheels loving kids.  I never actually owned it, but my brother did, so I got to make a few cars of my own.

Hot Wheels Snake Mountain Challenge

As a lover of all things He-Man, this Hot Wheels playset was awesome!  I got it for Christmas in 1986, and spent a while that Christmas day with my dad and brother trying to “escape” Snake Mountain.  The playset itself was really cool, but the exclusive Masters of the Universe car that came with it took the cake.

Hot Wheels Color Racers

Cars that change color will always be cooler than cars that don’t.  These color racers were like getting two cars instead of one.  All you had to do was dip them in some water, and they would completely change colors!  It was such an awesome gimmick.  The pack of cars on the left in the photo is one of the sets I had.  They all changed really well, and the last time I pulled one out last year, it still changed colors.

Hot Wheels Crack Ups

Before these Crack Ups came along, I would create “crashed” cars by taking a hammer to them.  The problem with that method was that there was no way to undo the damage when you were done playing.  Then Crack Ups came along and you could wreck the cars, and they would show damage.  Then when you were done, you could easily undo the damage and have pristine looking cars once again.

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  • I was big into Hot Wheels as a young child, and had a Sto and Go, Crack Ups, and I think some Color Racers? The real surprise is that I never ended up with that Snake Mountain playset, as the thing that I moved on to from Hot Wheels was He-Man! You’d think there would have been some overlap there.