The Retro Network Podcast: Old Movies Omnibus!

Jason and I have covered a lot of ground on The Retro Network Podcast. One of our favorite features we keep going back to is discussing our Flickchart movie charts. Flickchart is a great way to organize your favorite movies in lists.

We’ve covered our favorite movies of the ’70s, of the ’80s, and of the ’90s. We’ve also covered our favorite movies from the horror genre. Well, in lieu of a normal episode this week, we decided to take the holiday off and give everyone a late Christmas present, as we combined all of those Flickchart segments into one long omnibus episode featuring all of those segments together! Also included are our charts of the most popular movies from those decades that we haven’t see! It’s almost four hours of listening, and a great primer if you’re still not familiar with the show.

You can listen to the episode right here on this page via the handy podcast player I’ve embedded at the bottom of this post, or you can listen to it on your favorite podcast listening app. We’re available everywhere. Just search for ‘The Retro Network‘ and you’ll find us.

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