The Retro Network Podcast Christmas Special is Here!

The Retro Network Podcast Christmas Special is here! Unfortunately I couldn’t join Jason for all the festivities, but at least I still get to listen to it, right?

So over at The Retro Network, we provide hosting for several other retro podcasts, and all the shows came together for one big special. Each recorded it’s own segment based on the show, and Jason served as host between the segments and counted down the whole TRN family’s favorite TV Christmas specials.

The segments included in the special are:

  • SequelQuest – the SQ gang pitch sequel ideas to Christmas TV specials and episodes!
  • The House Show – the guys go back to the ’90s and give gifts to wrestlers!
  • Wizards – the comic geeks reminisce about old holiday-themed comics!
  • Box Office 30 – Pete & Michael count down the Top 10 Christmas movies of the ’90s!
  • Situation Jukebox – various members of the network gather to play a couple of Christmas themed rounds of our popular game show!

You can give the show a listen right here in this window with the handy box I’m providing below, or you can find it on your favorite podcast app by searching for The Retro Network. Enjoy!

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