The Retro Network Podcast: A Christmas Story

Instead of the normal Retro Network Podcast this week, we decided to do another episode of our much-loved TRN Drive-In series. It’s where we go back and dissect old movies by breaking everything down into categories.

Last year at Christmas, we covered National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, so this year it’s Ralphie’s turn in the spotlight. Once again, I couldn’t make the recording, but Jason was joined by two very capable guests. Tim (@oldschool80s on Twitter) and Karen (@karenflieger8)…both from The Retro Network family, and both very knowledgeable about the film.

It’s a very fun episode so give it a listen when you have time. It’s sure to brighten your holiday. There’s a handy podcast player embedded below that you can use to listen here on the web, but if you’d rather, you’ll be able to find it on your favorite podcast app by searching “The Retro Network”.

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