The History of McDonald’s Shamrock Shake

This isn’t a long written piece about my unending love of the Shamrock Shake. No, it’s just a post to highlight a video I helped produce highlighting the history of the green shake of goodness. I researched and wrote the narration for it as a special project we did last year at The Retro Network. But I thought you may be interested in it if you missed it last year, so here ya go.

Mickey Yarber

Mickey was born in the '70s, grew up in the '80s, and came of age in the '90s. He is the co-founder of, and the host here at Retro Ramblings, a blog filled with nostalgia. When not here, he's out fighting for truth, justice, and the American way.

3 thoughts to “The History of McDonald’s Shamrock Shake”

  1. I am a HUGE fan of the Shamrock Shake! It has become a St. Patty’s Day tradition in my house to head to McDonalds with the fam and pick them up! Had no idea they were linked to the creation of the Ronald McDonald House. Very cool!!!

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