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Weekly Wrap Up – Christmas ’17 Edition

Weekly Wrap Up

Well another week has gone by, and we’re now just a couple of days from the main event…Christmas!  I’ve had a busy couple of weeks here on the blog and at home as well trying to get everything done in time for the holiday.  I’ve not had the time to do a Weekly Wrap Up in a few weeks, so just consider this the monthly wrap up.  I’ve put up a lot of retro Christmas content this month, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it.  Just in case you’ve missed any of it, here is what you’ve missed this Christmas season on Retro Ramblings…..


The Retro Rambler’s Christmas Gift Guide 2017 – I tried to help folks find cool retro or retro themed gifts for everyone on their shopping list.

1986:  The Year Santa Became Real – Looking back at the most magical Christmas of my childhood.

The Mega Haul of Christmas 1986
– I go back to that magical Christmas, and this time look at just the toys I got that year.

How I Remember Christmas
– Looking at all the little things that I loved about the Christmas season when I was young.

5 Classic Christmas Commercials – My five favorite Christmas commercials from the 80’s and 90’s.

Retro Rambler’s Picks of the Christmas Season – A full round up of retro Christmas goodness from around the web.

Drink Dr Pepper for an Old School Holiday Treat – Ads and video for the strange tradition of drinking hot Dr Pepper at Christmas.

Christmas Mornings of the Past – Going through photos of kids on Christmas morning through the 80’s.

Classic Advertising: Christmas Edition – Some great ads from years gone by with Christmas themes.

The Hottest Christmas Toys Through the Decades:  The 1940’s – I took a look back at some of the most coveted toys of the ’40’s.

The Hottest Christmas Toys Through the Decades:  The 1950’s – I followed up the 1940’s with a look back at 1950’s toys.

The Golden Age of Department Stores at Christmas – I walked back in time to the magical era of department store Christmas window displays.



Vintage Holiday Recipes From 1967 – I scanned in a holiday recipe insert from 1967 featuring some weird recipes involving Spam, Bugles, and more.

Woolworth’s Christmas Book From 1954 – A complete scan of Woolworth’s Christmas toy catalog from 1954.

1993 Christmas Ad for Mario Paint – An extended 8-page advertisement for Mario Paint for the Christmas season.

Johnnie Walker Black label Scotch Christmas Ad from 1972

Coca-Cola Christmas Ad from 1962

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Christmas Ad from 1993

Retro Christmas Ad for Super Nintendo

Cool Like That Christmas Special from TV Guide 1993

1993 Broadcast of How the Grinch Stole Christmas – scanned article from 1993 TV Guide

How the Gridiron Stole Christmas from Frank Gifford – A short article from TV Guide in 1993.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Christmas Episode from 1993 – from TV Guide

Ad for the World Premiere of Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield – from TV Guide 1993


I only added one Christmas themed video to my YouTube channel this week, but you can find it at:  Burger King Christmas Commercial 1986


Before I go, I wanted to take a minute and announce a new feature coming to Retro Ramblings in the new year.  The current working title right now is Top 5 Tuesday.  I’ll take a different subject each week such as “What were your 5 favorite albums of the 1980’s”, and answer the question with pictures instead of a big write up.  I may add a sentence or two to each picture, but it will mostly just be a photo dump kind of thing.  I’d like to involve other people as well, so if you’d be interested in doing it on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page, let’s get in touch and we’ll all do the same subject each week.  Heck, I may even turn this into the Retro Revival Blog Challenge each week.  Give me some feedback on this new idea in the comments if you have a minute.


Well that does it for this wrap up.  Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to put more into this edition due to being extremely busy on the home front for Christmas.  When I’m short on time like this, most of what posting I get to do takes place on Twitter, so if you don’t already follow me, head on over and check me out.  You can also check out the Facebook page as well for short bursts of retro goodness.


With that, let me say that I appreciate you checking me out and supporting Retro Ramblings.  I hope you find reasons to keep coming back time and time again and relive old memories with me.  Merry Christmas to you and your family, wherever you may be.