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Wax Pack Flashback: Jaws 3-D Trading Cards from 1983

Let’s go back in time and take a trip down memory lane for a Wax Pack Flashback.  This time, it’s Jaws 3-D trading cards from Topps, that came out in 1983 as part of the promotion for the movie.

Jaws 3-D

Jaws Wax Pack

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Wax Pack Flashback: Batman Movie Trading Cards from 1989

Batman Trading Cards

Batman Trading Cards

Batman Trading Cards

Batman Trading Cards

Batman Trading Cards

To watch me open this pack of cards with commentary, check out my video of it here.

Opening Old Packs of Baseball Cards

Baseball Cards

With a new season of baseball starting, I find myself reminiscing about the good old days of collecting and trading baseball cards with my friends.  It was an annual summer event in our little neighborhood, and probably the most fun thing about the hobby, was opening a new pack of cards.

You never knew what you would find inside, even though your were always hopeful of getting a superstar card, a rookie card, or some special insert.  Well, to relieve that fun feeling, I pulled some old packs of cards out of my collection and opened them.  I filmed the opening of each pack, and though you might enjoy seeing what treasures were found inside.  If that tickles your fancy, watch the videos below, and then feel free to leave a comment sharing your own memories of tearing open a new wax pack.

1988 Topps Baseball


1989 Donruss Baseball


1989 Fleer’s Baseball’s Greatest Gross Outs

Wax Pack Flashback: Rocky II Trading Cards From Topps 1979

Rocky II Wax Pack

Rocky 2 Trading Cards

Rocky II Trading Cards

Rocky 2 Wax Pack

Rocky II Trading Cards