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Up All Night: T.J. Hooker

Up All Night

Welcome back once again to the Retro Rambling’s Up All Night Theater.  Last night, I was craving me some classic 80’s Fall Guy, and tonight I want to keep the 80’s TV vibe going by watching some old episodes of T.J. Hooker starring William Shatner.  So kick back on tat couch of yours, settle in, and watch some adrenaline filled cop action, 1980’s style!






Up All Night: The Fall Guy

Up All Night

Welcome back to the Up All Night Theater!  Tonight, I had a hankering for some classic 80’s tv, and the show in particular I’ve been craving is The Fall Guy starring Lee Majors.  So without further ado, here are a few episodes for us to binge on and kill a few hours with tonight!








Up All Night: Garfield in Paradise (1986)

Up All Night


Welcome back to the Retro Rambling’s Up All Night Theater!  We’ve been on a summer kick here during these dog days of August, and we roll on with that theme again tonight.  But this time, we’re presenting an animated selection.  Garfield had a lot of tv specials through the years, and this one was one of my favorites.  Garfield and family head to Hawaii for quite an adventure, and if you’ve never seen this one before, hold on tight.  Let’s get to it!

Drop some thoughts and a rating in the comments section below.


Up All Night: Computer Beach Party (1987)

Up All Night


Welcome back to Retro Rambling’s Up All Night Theater!  We’re keeping the summer theme going for a little while longer since it’s still August and all, and tonight’s selection is another cheesy 80’s B-Movie.  Tonight, we’re showing Computer Beach Party from 1987.  It’s about some greedy locals are trying to turn some beach property into a tourist attraction, and a computer expert sets out to use is knowledge of computers–along with the help of several local “beach bunnies”–to stop them.

As usual, it’s no fun watching alone, so drop some thoughts and maybe your rating in the comments section.  Let’s get this summer show on the road!


Up All Night: Summer Job (1989)

Up All Night


Welcome to the Up All Night theater!  Even though a lot of schools have started their new school year, it’s still summer time.  So what better way to kill a night in the summer than by watching an old B-movie with a fun summer theme?  That’s a rhetorical question.  There is no better way.  So with that, for tonight’s Up All Night feature, I proudly present the 1989 movie, Summer Job.  After you watch, leave some thoughts or a rating in the comments.

Summer Job is about a less than elite, group of college co-eds that pursue sexual adventure, and bits of revenge, and actually do some of the work they are expected to do at a resort over the summer.