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5 Things I Want from the 1988 Sears Christmas Wish Book, Part 2

Well, Christmas is finally here for this year, and even though there is zero chance I’ll find any of this stuff under my tree, let’s go back to the 1988 Sears Christmas Wish Book once again for to look at five more things I still want from it!  You can check out the first five things I found here:

5 Things I Want from the 1988 Sears Christmas Wish Book, Part 1


Magic Kit

Merlin the Magician Magic Kit

I’ve probably talked about it before on here somewhere, but I’ve been fascinated with magic ever since I saw Lance Campbell perform in the 4th grade talent show at school.  Matter of fact, a lot of the tricks he performed can be found in this very set.  They may even be a good chance that this is the set he used in the show.

Regardless, this thing is full of cool tricks that would amaze your friends.  That is if your friends are eight years old.  But if I had this thing, I’d force my kids to sit on the couch and pretend to be amazed at the astounding acts of magic I was performing.


Willow Toys

Willow Toys

When the movie Willow hit, I was all about it.  Even though I never saw it in the theater, I was hooked from the trailers alone.  Well, that and those cool Willow Magicups that came in Wendy’s kids meals as part of the promotion for the movie.

Even though I hadn’t saw the movie at the time, I would have LOVED to have all of these toys.  I’m a sucker for fantasy realms and their toys, so these look like their right up my alley.  The only problem I see with them, is that they don’t appear to be articulated.  I still like the idea of setting them up in battle settings, but it would be even cooler if you could “play” with them.


Micro Machines

Micro Machines Toys

If you know anything about me at all, then you should know that I simply adore Micro Machines.  I have ever since the day Marcus Callis showed up at school with a pocket full of the little things.  It only took a few moments of marveling over them to know that I wanted some of my own.  And while I had my fair share of the cars, I was always enamored with the play sets that were available for them.  There’s a couple of the small play sets pictured at the top of the page, and those were the ones that you could connect together to make much larger sets, construction a whole town or small city if you had enough of them.  Let’s go ahead and put both of those on my list.

There’s also the Micro Machines Transport Truck pictured.  I had it once upon a time, and it was great as a carrying case that you could also play with.  It would hold 11 cars, so it was a nice option to tote along when I was heading to Grandma’s house for the day.




Oh how I loved Playmobil toys.  Especially their western themed sets like this.  It seemed like I only ever got Playmobil toys at Christmas, and usually only from aunts and uncles at the annual family Christmas party.  I had a lot of the cowboys and Indians themed sets, and the toys shown above just go right along with them.

That train would be awesome, but it came with a very hefty $219.99 price tag.  That’s $462.00 in today’s money!  That sucker was one expensive toy.  But it does look really cool, and I know from experience that Playmobil toys were as durable as they came.

Besides the train, there is the Western Station that comes with 8 figures!  It has a big price tag on it too though.  Anyway, I’m going to just circle this entire page and hope for the best.


Nintendo Games

Nintendo Games

I put a whole page of Nintendo games in the first installment, but since this year’s edition of the Wish Book had a two-page spread, I can’t skip the games on this second page of glory.  It would be foolish to try and compare the games from each page, because they are both loaded with hall-of-famers.

But from this page, I’ve circled several of the ones I really want.  You’ve got the all-time classics Contra and ExciteBike, the much adored Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, and the underrated Goonies II.  But the one on this page that would really pique my interest is Tag Team Wrestling.  Pro Wrestling is one of my all-time favorite games for the console, so I really want to give this game a go.

You really couldn’t go wrong getting any of the games on this page for Christmas.  Let’s face it, a Christmas day spent playing a new Nintendo game was going to be one hell of a day regardless of that the title was.


I know I said “five” more things I wanted, but let’s go ahead and add just a couple more to the list…


Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics Pack

You’d always find listings like these every year in the wish books for things like comics, baseball cards, stamps, and other collectibles, but this collection right here looks astounding!  This pack is brimming with cool 80’s properties.  I can see ALF, Willow, GI Joe, Silver Hawks, and even Transformers comics.  Those alone would probably make the pack worth the price of admission, but then you throw in the classic Marvel titles like Avengers, Hulk, Thor, Spider-man, Fantastic Four, and Iron Man and you’ve got yourself a super fun way to spend a few afternoons.


PXL 2000 Deluxe

PXL 2000 Deluxe Video Camera

And this my friends, is one of the coolest Christmas gifts I ever received.  This thing was a real, honest to goodness, video camera designed for kids.  But the really unique thing was that this camera recorded onto cassette tapes.  Don’t ask me how.  The description says it records a unique black and white image called Pixelvision, with sound.  I remember it having decent quality on playback, and the whole thing was really easy to set up and use.  I surely wish I still had the tapes I recorded with it, as I would set it up and record myself dancing to 1989 hip hop tracks.  I’m sure that would be a sight to see today.


Well, I reckon that’s all the stuff from the 1988 Wish Book that I’ll get to share this year since the season is already completely on top of us with the big day being tomorrow and all.  Next year, I may pick another year and do these all over again.