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New Coke (1985 Recipe) Review

If you’ve been very active in the retroverse on social media, you probably already know that Coca-Cola got on the Stranger Things bandwagon and re-launched New Coke as a promotional tie-in with the Netflix series.  You may also know that they kinda underestimated the demand for New Coke, and the insane amount of traffic from people wanting to order it crashed their website for a day.

I didn’t even try to log on and order on the first day.  I patiently waited until the next day before placing my order.  By then, everything had died down and I had no problem logging on and quickly making my request for that sweet nectar that was once the bane of the soda world.

Stranger Things New Coke

I’m sure I had New Coke back in 1985, but it’s been so long ago, I had no memory or what it tasted like, if I liked it back then, or if I wretched at the thought of it.  It was a no brainer for me to order one of the Stranger Things packs, as I knew I would be putting one of the cans on display in my retro museum, and would most certainly be popping the top on the other can to indulge in whatever it is it had to offer.  Getting the two Stranger Things glass bottles was just a bonus.

So without dragging this on any longer, here is the video review of New Coke.  Since my daughter JJ has a food review channel on YouTube, it was appropriate that she joined me and had her first ever taste of New Coke.  We simulcasted the video on The Retro Network channel too, so that’s the version of the video I’m using here.  Bear with her.  She is at that age where it’s cool to be negative and contrary.  I mean, it’s not actually cool.  She and her friends just think it is.  Enjoy the video though.