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Nintendo Nostalgia: Ring King

What red-blooded American boy didn’t want to put on the gloves and go to battle with one another inside the squared circle? With this game, you and your best friend could live that out without anyone getting a bloody nose.  My cousin David introduced me to the game at his house, and we spent hours that first night battling for ring supremacy. 

The action was slow and plodding, but man was it fun. You really had to battle for the full 3 minutes to stay alive, and then you had to work your thumbs to the limit in the rest period to regain needed energy.  I loved the fact that this game had a tournament mode. That meant a lot of “Championship Tournament” afternoons for me. 


eBay Archeaology: Nintendo Edition

It’s time to go through some things I’ve found on eBay recently, and on my latest trip down that rabbit hole I was digging up some fun old Nintendo relics. Let me show you what I found.

Nintendo Power Glove
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I don’t know if there was ever any accessory for Nintendo than the Power Glove that has been more wanted. It was made famous by the movie The Wizard, and from the moment we saw it, gamers everywhere wanted it. Unfortunately, it couldn’t live up to the hype due to the state of technology back then, but it would still be so cool to finally own on.

The Official Nintendo Players Guide
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This one is just out of my price range considering what the item is, but when I find one a little cheaper I’ll be picking it up. Back when I got my Nintendo, it didn’t come with Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt like most did. It came with this Official Nintendo Players Guide instead. While that sounds like a bummer on the surface, it was a pretty cool book in its own right. It featured so much cool info on so many games, it helped me plan out my purchases for years to come. And thinking back on it, it holds quite a bit of nostalgia in its pages.


Nintendo Nostalgia: ExciteBike

ExciteBike was one of the Nintendo console’s most beloved games, and a favorite of mine too. I killed many hours with this bad boy, and for good reason….it was full of great features!  Racing on a motorcycle! Design your own tracks! Put 100 jumps in a row! This was one awesome game for those three reasons, and why it’s so fondly remembered. That and the fact that you could wreck others by coming down the track with your rear wheel in their front wheel and watch them tumble over and over down the track. With the possibility of using any combination of 19 different obstacles to design your track with, it had great replay value just in designing new courses to race. 

I was introduced to this game at my cousin’s house shortly after I got my Nintendo. I was instantly hooked and we spent several hours that night playing it.  I never actually owned the game, but several of my friends did, and a copy of it was at my house more often than not through the magic of swapping games with a friend for a period of time. This game still holds its own in the “fun factor” today against such newer and more complicated games.