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New Mystery Flavor Pringles

So Pringles has rolled out a new “mystery flavor”, and they are running a contest where you could possibly win $10,000 if you guess the flavor correctly.  There are numerous theories and guesses online as to just what exactly this new flavor is, but my daughter JJ and I decided we would try them for ourselves and jump to our own conclusions.

There was definitely a cheesy smell to them that was quite potent just from opening the can.  The taste is a little hard to pin down, but in the end I settled on Macaroni & Cheese as the flavor.  I think JJ came around to my way of thinking in the end as well.  Now my oldest daughter Lexi swears they have some kind of meat and cheese flavor, but I didn’t pick up on that.  A lot of others online detected the same notes though, so she may be on to something.

One of the leading theories is beer cheese.  I guess I can see that, but I’ve not personally had much experience with beer cheese to make an accurate conclusion on that.  One of the comments on the video we posted suggested that it tasted like Parmesan cheese.  After reading that, I had to go back and give them another taste, and that guess certainly has merit.  I guess we’ll all find out when Pringles announces the actual flavor next month.  Until then though, run out to Walgreens and pick up your own can and see what you think.

Watch the video below where we give them a try and discuss the possibilities.