Groundhog Day
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TRN Drive-In Podcast: Groundhog Day

In observance of Groundhog Day, I wanted to share a fantastic podcast episode reviewing the 1993 classic movie, Groundhog Day. The TRN Drive-In podcast features a rotating cast reviewing movies from the ’80s and ’90s. In this episode, Gary (@milehighsamurai), Karen (@KarenFlieger8), Tim (@OldSchool80s), and Jason (@RD80s) journey to Punxsutawney, …..CONTINUE READING

Young Indiana Jones
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The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

In the 1980s, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg turned a mutual love of the cliffhanging theatrical serials of their youth into a series of adventures for a handsome world-traveling archaeologist named Indiana Jones. Three Indiana Jones films were produced between 1981 and 1989, forging a legendary status for Harrison Ford’s character …..CONTINUE READING

Thunder Run 1986
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Thunder Run

Here we are on a Friday night. It’s only 8 pm, but it’s already dark where I am. The weather is a little cool, and all things combined, it’s feeling like a “movie on the couch” kind of night. While browsing through the numerous streaming services we subscribe to, I …..CONTINUE READING

Captain America
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Captain America: The Movie (1990)

I’m hard-pressed to think of anything more patriotic than the iconic Marvel Comics character, Captain America. These days, the Chris Evans incarnation in the MCU is all the rage, but once upon a time, there was another movie version of the red, white, and blue hero. The film was originally …..CONTINUE READING