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Arcade Classic: Marble Madness from Atari

Marble Madness

It’s safe to say there’s never been a game quite like Marble Madness. In a world of clones and knockoffs, this game was a true original, a testament to the creativity and innovation of Atari’s golden years.

The game’s concept was almost Zen-like: roll a marble down a hill. Using Atari’s famous Trak-Ball control, one or two players guided their marbles down chutes, over ramps and around bends to the finish, racing a dwindling clock. If your marble fell off a high cliff or was dashed to pieces from a strong impact, a magic wand would grant you another one, but precious seconds would be lost.

Don’t let the simplicity of the premise fool you. Marble Madness kept players plenty busy with endless tricks, turns and little surprises. To start with, the courses themselves were littered with giant ramps, secret passages, narrow paths over large drops, tight corners and more. One particularly tricky course completely reversed the laws of physics, forcing players to roll upwards in a bizarre, gravity-twisting environment.

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